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For more of Karen's art visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/karensloan Website: https://wallflowerstudiogarden.com Karen is a garden designer, horticulturalist and artist.   She paints whimsical interior and musical themed art and creates papier-mache sculpture.   Iconic singer, Prince, has purchased Karen’s work, and Karen's work is included in many private & corporate collections across Canada, the U.S. & worldwide.   The UK, Australia, Holland, Mexico, the Bahamas, Switzerland, and South Africa to name a few.   Karen has sold 800 + paintings and sculptures during her...more
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Results: 5

 Photograph - Heirloom Amaryllis  by Karen Sloan

Heirloom Amaryllis Print

Karen Sloan


 Photograph - Digitalis by Karen Sloan

Digitalis Print

Karen Sloan


 Photograph - Rudbeckia Cappuccino by Karen Sloan

Rudbeckia Cappuccino Print

Karen Sloan


 Photograph - Be the Bee by Karen Sloan

Be the Bee Print

Karen Sloan


 Photograph - Arikara Sunflower by Karen Sloan

Arikara Sunflower Print

Karen Sloan




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