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Kathryn Strick - Fine Artist

Kathryn Strick Press Releases

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KAStrick Designs Grants Licensing For Commissioned Work

Erie, PA - August 13th, 2014

KAStrick Designs is pleased to announce the non-exclusive licensing for the work "The Vortex" to Grandmother Spider's Medicine Lodge. The image will be used on the website, as well as advertising for workshops, and future use as a book illustration. This healing and meditation mandala was specially commissioned by Grandmother Spider ~ author, educator, healer, and intuitive who is reconnecting the Web of Life through sharing the teachings of earth Wisdom and celebrating the traditions of earth Honoring. She says of the vortex energy, "Vortex Energy is about accessing Universal awareness so that we can evolve, along with our planet Earth, using the most positive path to manifest the Light of Love. We are now living in a New World. Our way of thinking is being called to enhance a new vision of unity with all life. Survival for our human species depends on each o...

KAStrick Designs Says Aloha Argentina

Erie, PA - January 9th, 2014

Aloha Argentina! Kathryn Strick, dba KAStrick Designs, of Erie, PA, USA is pleased to have her image "Eye of Kanaloa" published on the Facebook page "Huna Buenos Aires". Huna is an ancient Hawai'ian psychospritual healing method. Translated from the Huna Buenos Aires website "The Huna shamanism - Huna is a philosophy of life and a psycho path that developed in ancient Polynesia ... Huna means "hidden knowledge" in the sense of the invisible side of things, or "what is not seen with the naked eye." It is also a shamanic healing and transformation system (not just a set of techniques) that encompasses a worldview, philosophical principles and a conception of the human being, applicable in all geographical areas, activities or areas of life. The basic objective of this system is to harmonize relationships with ourselves, others, the environ...

KAStrick Designs Book Cover Announcement

Erie, PA - October 24th, 2012

Today KAStrick Designs has granted a non-exclusive license to Quest Books, a publisher of books on self-help and spirituality, the right to reproduce the mandala "Eye of Kanaloa" on the cover of a book to be printed next fall authored by Serge Kahili King on the subject of Hawaiian Huna mysticism. The book will be available in both printed and electronic formats.

Kathryn Strick Selected As MandalaMaker Artist Of The Month

Erie, PA - January 27th, 2012

Clare Goodwin, noted mandala artist, author, educator, and psychotherapist, selected Kathryn Strick and her design "Up Up and Away" as artist of the month. Kathryn's design was featured in Clare's "Center of the Circle Newsletter" December 24, 2011. Kathryn began designing mandalas in November of 2011, licensing the MandalaMaker 2.0 software, which was developed by Alan Goodwin. Clare wrote this about Kathryn, "Kathryn Strick has taken MandalaMakerô expression to a whole new level." Clare and Alan's MandalaMaker Forum draws licensed mandala artists from around the world to share their creations and ideas.