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>> 'DYNAMICOFs' I affectionately call my digital designs, 'DYNAMICOFs' (a play on 'dynamic of').   Accept the invitation to give yourself over to the designs in the dynamics of adventuring. >> SPONTANEOUS The designs emerge spontaneously.   Playing with digital textures, shadows, lines, and colors, I sometimes become aware that what is emerging may have been partially influenced by an event or perhaps something or someone.   In other words, in my approach, I do not envision a particular design and then go about trying to reproduce it visually.   Sometimes I digitally...more
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Results: 3

 Digital Art - Inw_20a6504 Cheek To Cheek by Kateri Starczewski

Inw_20a6504 Cheek To Cheek Print

Kateri Starczewski


 Digital Art - inw_20a6501 Be between Rocks by Kateri Starczewski

inw_20a6501 Be between Rocks Print

Kateri Starczewski


 Digital Art - Inw_20a6505 Universal Mining by Kateri Starczewski

Inw_20a6505 Universal Mining Print

Kateri Starczewski


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