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Kateri Starczewski - Artist

Kateri Starczewski

Learn more about Kateri Starczewski from Chicago, IL - United States.

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>> 'DYNAMICOFs' I affectionately call my digital designs, 'DYNAMICOFs' (a play on 'dynamic of'). Accept the invitation to give yourself over to the designs in the dynamics of adventuring.

>> SPONTANEOUS The designs emerge spontaneously. Playing with digital textures, shadows, lines, and colors, I sometimes become aware that what is emerging may have been partially influenced by an event or perhaps something or someone. In other words, in my approach, I do not envision a particular design and then go about trying to reproduce it visually. Sometimes I digitally begin with one of my hand-drawn designs. However, my hand-drawn designs also originally emerged spontaneously from shadows, wrinkles, and other anomalies of paper or other substrates. The figure in my logo on this website is an example of one of my hand-drawn designs. I digitally 'splish-splash' using Photoshop Elements.

>> POEMS Many times names/titles of the designs emerge as poems. Try reading these poems (clue: usually 3 or more words) in columns as well as from the first word through the last word!

>> TRICK I also invite you to join me in the surprise glimpsing frequently found in what I refer to as 'TRICK' corners (in/out) and 'TRICK' profiles (one/more than one). The term, 'optical illusion', doesn't really tap into the depth of dimensions and the ongoing creativity of the TRICK designs. Clues to the multi-universe aspect of all that is.

>> POP I hope you will consider sharing your first impressions in the comments area so that all of us can join in expanded adventuring. Did a name/title pop into your head? Did you find yourself making music? Moving? Thinking of something you never thought of before? These designs are not confined to one description or name/title or interpretation. The designs are continually creating wherever they are. They are DYNAMICOFs.

>> CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY If your purchase is the first purchase of the very first production of a particular digital design on substrata, I will send you a complimentary personally signed Certificate of Authenticity declaring the same.

>> TILE MURALS If you would like your chosen design as an individual tile or custom tile mural of ceramic, porcelain, stone, etc., please contact me.

>> COPYRIGHT All my works are original and Copyright Kateri Starczewski, all rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without my express written permission is strictly prohibited.

>> I sign my visual artworks as In-Wonder. Have fun adventuring with these designs! extraordinary is extra ordinary

Kateri Starczewski joined Fine Art America on December 12th, 2013.