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Art is communication, and no art is finished until it is shared.   It is my pleasure to share mine with you here.   I love the light.   The way it caresses shapes and forms.   The way it can stop motion or enhance it.   The way it can hide things in shadows or highlights... and reveal them to those who look closely.   I love colors, but a lot of times you can see the light better without the distraction of many colors.   My portfolio has some of everything, and a lot of monochrome.   I sold my first photograph in 1975 and...more
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I just started a new series of carnival images using a technique I discovered that preserves detail while enhancing the weird garishness and frenzied activity of the midway. This image is not part of it, but everybody loves a clown...... riiight? ;) 

Art and music

November 24th, 2011

I think colorfield is to visual art like progressive jazz is to music.