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K. 'Kaata' Mrachek ABSTRACT INTERPRETATION OF NATURE'S BEAUTY that's what lures me into the studio constantly!   My quest is to capture the essence of a subject, mostly landscape and botanicals.   I OFTEN START WITH a photo, maybe one taken on a hike in the Rockies & Bay Area (my home by summer) or the beach (Naples by winter) and apply one of several techniques to it.   Sometimes I take a particular composition and do several pieces from it, each seeking to capture its various assets through different palettes or methods.   My AQUA MARINE SERIES captures the shapes of waves...more
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Warm Meiosis Collection

This collection of new works beckons of a mystery unfolding from its atmospheric climate. Influenced by Rothko, this smashing full body of color, paired with nuiances and bold splitting shapes stand out magnificently from its surroundings. Just as Meiosis has to do with cell division that gives rise to genetic diversity in sexually reproducing populations, this Meiosis series means to portray the early phases of the creative process. The sure, bold, daring, rich life force filling the paintings shapes portrayed by the intense color values is tempered by its hazy edge work which frontiers into its surroundings. The feathery edges, reluctantly reach out as if to find and fill its voice, just like an idea often does when first conceived. If one looks closely, one wonders, does an idea spur forth from its environment or does a life force spring spontaneously from a deep well within?. Either way, once an idea takes hold, it splits and multiplies into the thing it is meant to become....unless of course...its stunted by its environment or a halting force within..... All the pieces created in this collection are on hand-cured wrapped canvas stretched over a two inch frame. The whole series weighs in at five foot five high with varing widths.

Kaata    Mrachek - Gold Meiosis Hor

Gold Meiosis Hor by Kaata Mrachek

Kaata    Mrachek - Orange Meiosis Stack

Orange Meiosis Stack by Kaata Mrachek

Kaata  Mrachek - Orange Meiosis I

Orange Meiosis I by Kaata Mrachek

Kaata    Mrachek - Gold Meiosis Vert

Gold Meiosis Vert by Kaata Mrachek

Kaata    Mrachek - Red Meiosis 4cell

Red Meiosis 4cell by Kaata Mrachek

Kaata    Mrachek - Red Meiosis  8Cells

Red Meiosis 8Cells by Kaata Mrachek

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 6