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Kaata Mrachek - Artist

About Kaata Mrachek

Learn more about Kaata Mrachek from Naples, FLORIDA - United States.

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K. 'Kaata' Mrachek

ABSTRACT INTERPRETATION OF NATURE'S BEAUTY that's what lures me into the studio constantly! My quest is to capture the essence of a subject, mostly landscape and botanicals.

I OFTEN START WITH a photo, maybe one taken on a hike in the Rockies & Bay Area (my home by summer) or the beach (Naples by winter) and apply one of several techniques to it. Sometimes I take a particular composition and do several pieces from it, each seeking to capture its various assets through different palettes or methods.

My AQUA MARINE SERIES captures the shapes of waves using my draw-down techniques; EARTH GREEN, GOLDS AND REDS focuses on landscapes, celebrated for their rich, layered textures achieved with subtle trowel manipulations; my MISTY GARDEN COLLECTION capitalizes on the smooghing and scrubbing techniques which capture atmosphere. The SHAPES, STRIPES AND DOTS explores aspects in space, and focuses on using troweled manageries of color to hold the viewers interest. The perfection of these techniques I owe to a decade of professional faux finishing, decorative experimentations and trompe l'oiel experience.

The PURITY OF COLOR and illumination come from pure tinted glaze over acrylic and latex base. I work on primed board, not canvas, because it is a hard surface against the plaster knife and pool trowel I use to get the milieu of affects that make for a good abstract � one that keeps the viewer coming back for another provocative drink time and again.

CLASSICALLY TRAINED in fine art with a B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz, my art caught loft while finishing my Masters in Art and Psychology from JFK, a private university in the bay area specializing in understanding the essence of art and its relationship to our world. This foundation informs my art and life and sparks the spirit of nature that I is a constant pursuit in my art.

Kaata Mrachek joined Fine Art America on August 26th, 2011.