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Katie Black - Artist

About Katie Black

Learn more about Katie Black from Santa Ana, San Jose - Costa Rica.

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I am an English artist living in Costa Rica. I love to paint exciting compositions of color while incorporating harmonious tonal values, shapes, and texture that will both fascinate and excite the viewer!

I am incredibly driven and fearless in my desire to create unique pieces of artwork. When I start any painting I always focus on color, design, and composition, using brushes and knives, in my exploration to develop and uncover anything, that will enable me to achieve the results I constantly push myself to achieve.

As you look through my paintings I hope you will see a collection of artwork, that crackles with visual energy, depth, and colour.......perfect for your home!


'Abstract art is a fascinating means of expression and requires a masterful sense of discernment to properly execute a successful piece under such a broad, open-ended category of art.

One artist who possesses such a trait is this issue's featured artist Kay Black. She is a world-class player in the world of modern art, and we are proud to have her join us.

Discernment is key when an artist is going through her decision-making process. Two of the most noticeable aspects of Kay Black's work are the senses of balance and unity found in all of her paintings.

There are no over-worked areas, which help the shapes and colors of each piece harmonize with each other. Along with a keen eye for balance, Black has a perfect intuition regarding a painting's beginning and end, meaning she understands when a painting's journey has arrived at its finishing point.

The viewer feels a vibe of closure when taking in one of her paintings. There is no need for additional brushstrokes, nor is there a need to take any away. Each stroke plays their part in giving her works the unified feel she seeks when producing her art.

All of the wonderful qualities of good abstract art are found in Black's work, so we'll spare the generic phrases such as 'good use of color' or 'nice use of line.' Rather than generalizations, we feel her works speak for themselves, are full of the tension we seek when looking at abstract art, and that each piece has its own unique voice when communicating with the viewer'

Katie Black joined Fine Art America on February 14th, 2012.