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Dare to Dream and Believe Lithographs

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Rick Schwartz Biography /// Original artwork heading the category titled "Dare to Dream and Believe". Current artist entry is Rick M. Schwartz. Rick Schwartz was born on August 20, 1945, in the small town of Youngtown Ohio. The family included mother, Rose, and father; Harold, childhood sweethearts, brother, chuck, (age 6 1/2) and sister Sandra (age 2 1/2). It was close to World War II and the times were changing. Youngstown was a typical small blue collar town attempting to grow and define itself in the context of post war America. Rick's father, along with Rick's brothers, owned Youngstown Cabinetmakers. It was a simple life built around the family. Rick's earliest memories are of the countless hours he would spend in the surrounding woods. He was attracted to the colors, shadings, shapes and textures of nature. The woods, nature inspired Rick to draw and paint. Odd as it may sound, it was in kindergarten at Taft elementary school, that he knew that art was his passion. For as long as he could remember, he was drawn to images and color. When he was eight years old, he took a summer-long art session, in oil painting, at the Ohio Museum of fine Art. At the end of the session, their work was presented to their families. Rick remembers feeling particularly proud of his paintings, especially the response they received from the teachers and parents. It was in 1953, on a family vacation across America, that his father decided to pursue the California dream. Harold packed up the family and all moved to North Hollywood, California. Living in the valley-part of Los Angeles meant you were really living in the country. Rick couldn't quite understand what Los Angeles was all about. It sure didn't look or feel like a big city. It was for Rick, a new world. After dabbling in real estate for several years, Rick's father established his own recreational vehicle repair business. Rick was going to school doing the usual grade school stuff, like little league baseball. Rick continued to explore and expand his art, such as it was. Upon entering John H. Francis Poly Tech High School, Rick's family grew, when twins, Marc and Evelyn, were born. High School was uneventful. Rick experienced the usual trials and tribulations. Like many, he was in a rebel without a cause phase. Graduation from high school also marked the birth of youngest sibling, brother Eddie. For the next several years, Rick worked part time for his dad. In the throws of finding himself, he was drafted into the United States Army to serve in the Vietnam war. When asked his thoughts concerning this unexpected call in his life, he had the following to say "If I had to serve, it was my desire to serve as a combat artist, as opposed to an infantryman". Unfortunately, the rifle won out over the sketch pad. I was, however, offered a second tour as a combat artist declined their offer. Rick received his honorable discharge in 1969. Coming back to America, after Vietnam, was and still is a mystery to him. He was disoriented. It was a hard readjustment. On the GI-bill, he attended Los Angeles Valley College, studying commercial and fine art. He stayed with it less than a year. He found it to be too confining for his spirit and his art. While he continued to experiment with techniques and materials, he earned a living by working in retail art stores among other jobs. When the San Fernando Board of Realtors held a log design in 1984, he created the winning design taking first place and a $100.00 cash award. While enrolled in commercial art classes at North Valley Occupational, he took first place again for a log concept and design, creating a tranquil, peaceful identity for a dental organization. He also earned income from freelance commercial art for trade magazines (such as RV News), producing cartoons, illustrations and technical drawings. He began to show and sell work at local outdoor art shows as well. His art was growing, but it wasn't focused. The change of decades, in to the 1990's, also changed his art as well. This is directly related, he believes, to meeting artist Mickey Kaplan and his association of artists know as L.A. Art. For the first time he saw the real possibilities of earning an income from his art. As a matter of fact, the impetus to create If They Only Knew. . . and Drawing on Hidden Resources came from an exhibition, at L.A. Art, called Animals. Many elements contributed to these works. He is naturally drawn to the power and majesty of the lion. Through the expression of his imagination, the works began to represent the development or journey from innocence (the kitten) to recognizing one's potential (the tiger) to establishing one's personal power (the lion). His affinity to cats comes from a mutual understanding and respect for the spirit and desire to protect & promote the nature of "independence".

Rick Schwartz - If They Only Knew

If They Only Knew by Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz - Drawing on Hidden Resources

Drawing on Hidden Resources by Rick Schwartz

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