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My name is Layne Adams and I have been an Artist/Photographer for around forty years.   I was trained in college to be a fine artist and illustrator and I also dabbled in photography then.   Since the dawn of the computer age, I have done most of my art in a digital format and when digital cameras came along, I stepped up my photography output and now have thousands of images in all different genres.   The name of my company is ImageSeeker and I am available for art commissions and just about any photography need you may have.   Creating is my life.   Hope you enjoy...more
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The I Ching Or The Book Of Changes

Wichita, KS - October 1st, 2013

Greetings, My name Is Layne Adams and I am an artist,photographer and poet. The I Ching series you see here has been a labor of love that I started back in 1988 with the idea of giving it more exposure in the West. I started using The Book of Changes and have used it off and on since the mid-seventies with astonishing results. The project was begun back when I was a painter and I intended to do the whole series with airbrush and other media,but completed only four and then left the idea behind for various reasons. About 2003 I came back to it and and decided to do it all digitally. I had started training myself to be a digital photographer a few years before and decided I would use as the backgrounds my photos,and then create the Chinese characters and hexagrams in Photoshop. I pretty much proceeded with the first to the last, and so the first are very small file sizes because I only ...