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Louis Dallara - Artist

About Louis Dallara

Learn more about Louis Dallara from Mount Laurel, NJ - United States.

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Mount Laurel, NJ The award-winning fine art photographer Louis Dallara creates amazing images that are filled with energy and emotion with expression that he creates by combining his many skills with insight, and a unique connection with his subjects.

Louis has created several websites. Please visit his Home site for more info about the photographer Louis Dallara Photography

His Pine Lands Photography site, Pine lands Photos

His Luminous Art Gallery site is also my Pixels AW page Fine Art Gallery

The artistic merit of the images combined with the universal appeal of the subject makes an indelible impression on the viewer.

'The process of creating artistic images is multifaceted, and always a great joy. I almost always begin by talking with my subject in an informal collaboration,' explained Louis. 'The bonding and rapport that develop between us heightens inspiration and creativity, bringing uniqueness to every subject I photograph,' he added.

There is no distinct style in the work by Louis. His art is made up of many diverse styles of images that are as distinct as his many subjects.

'There is an emotional connection I try to express in every creation,' Louis explained. Viewers can feel that emotion in each image, which elevates his work from portraits to fine art.

Just as an artist who paints has the ability to be creative, Louis extends his creativity to his studio, where he makes full use of the software tools that are available to him.

'Fine art photography goes beyond just capturing existing light and image. Computers give us unlimited possibilities to take a photograph and turn it into an emotion-packed work of art,' he explained.

When you purchase a print, you can e-mail the date and the image title to Louis, and he will send you a Certificate Of Authenticity with his signature.

His email address is email: louis.dallara@gmail.com

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Louis Dallara joined Fine Art America on May 16th, 2009.