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Lucy Giboyeaux - Artist

About Lucy Giboyeaux

Learn more about Lucy Giboyeaux from Harrisburg, PA - United States.

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Artist Statement:

I am a Bronx raised Puerto Rican Mixed Media Artist based in the US. I continuously explore human resiliency and what makes us drive forward. Sustainability of my sculpture is really important to me so I create the pieces using environmentally friendly textile hardener which serves as a universal medium that when cured becomes hard and waterproof. Find my sculptures: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/lucygiboyeaux

I create art because I love it. I express what I observe in people and the world around me. From places I lived, traveled and significant events on my Puerto Rican culture living in the diaspora.

In my process for sculpture work I generally start with an event or something I witnessed, like the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico, the effects I witnessed in Nicaraguan youth from recent civil uprising, an image I saw of a homeless man with his head down, or a worship activity which is ingrained in the fabric of who I am as a missionary.

I use simple organic materials like paper, sand, and wood, and egg cartons.

In painting I use a lot of drips technique to create loose grid like patterns and windows. While this technique is often reserved for abstract painting I incorporate faces and figures, representing diverse cultures. Also explore human interaction, connection, cultural identity and being Puerto Rican and American.

I reflect on human resiliency and remind you what makes us drive forward, hope, faith, love.

Lucy Giboyeaux joined Fine Art America on May 6th, 2018.