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Lyric Artists - Fine Artist

About Lyric Artists

Learn more about Lyric Artists from Marana, AZ - United States.

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        “Making art is as necessary and as invigorating as oxygen for us,” says Ken Tesoriere.  His partner in Lyric Arts, and life, Mary Ellen Palmeri, concurs emphatically, “Creating original art satisfies me like no other work.  It totally absorbs me - totally absorbs us both.  Through making Art we integrate the work we love with making a living financially.”
       Ms. Palmeri is an internationally recognized paper engineering master.  Using distinctive papers - some store-bought, but many hand-painted -  she creates original designs in origami, pop-up cards, and her own invented specialty, 'Paper Dream Paintings'.  These special paintings combine imported and hand-painted papers with fine drawings, embossing and various advanced paint techniques - not to be confused with collage.  No, Paper Dream Paintings present their own unique vivid world where colors are integrated with delicate imagery often in abstract and expressionistic environments.

        Ken Tesoriere best describes his intimate connection with painting: 'Through making art I'm able to more fully relay the essentials of my ideas and personal emotions - be they playfulness, heart-felt joy, love or anger - by visualizing in abstract or expressionistic figuration techniques on canvas.  By combining rich colors in vivid interplay, I can express how this convoluted time of the world feels in and around me.'

        Their unique individual artistic visions have brought regional and national exhibits, corporate and private collectors, and commissions.

“Art keeps us both awake,” Ken says, “and keeps our spirits vital and continually stirs hope that counters this contrary time of the world.'

Lyric Artists joined Fine Art America on August 18th, 2016.