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Marica Ohlsson - Artist

About Marica Ohlsson

Learn more about Marica Ohlsson from Falun, Dalarna - Sweden.

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About how to check out the paintings and drawings: The sizes of the figure drawings (gesture drawings) in black and white are available in sizes on canvas up to about 40 x 60 cm (16 x 24 inch). Most paintings are available up to about 1 meter (40 inch) in size. To see how they turn out on a wall in a furnished room, click on a painting, then on wall art and then on one of the alternatives. There you can choose and pick a size and see how it turns out on a wall in a room in the slideshow that has turned up.

About me, the artist: Brought up in an artists and an engineers home I was surrounded with materials, gadgets, tools, space and konstant talk about testing, observing, reflecting, dreaming about how to do it and how to perceive. Painting, testing different technics I did at a very early age. Regular practice in gesture-, figure-drawing I begun as fourteen year old.
Practicing gesture-, figure-drawing studying a live model is a very good foundation when facing every other creative and artistic activity. It is a constant learning and discovering about, among many things, how my perception and my mind works and the importance of being attentive. Especially the short poses (=kroki, croquis) gives this opportunity. And since figure and gesture-drawing often is practiced together with other sketchers, a session of figure-drawing almost always leads to interesting conversations upon this topic - about how we view life in general and reality (the model) in particular. Thanks to open classes all over Sweden it is possible to keep up the practice.
Look up www.modellteckning.se if you want to join in on an open session in Falun, Sweden.
Uppvuxen i ett konstnaers- och ingenjoershem var jag omgiven av material, prylar, verktyg, utrymme och konstant prat om att testa, observera, reflektera, droemma om hur man goer och hur det upplevs. Att maala och proeva paa olika tekniker gjorde jag i vaeldigt tidig aalder. Regelbunden oevning i kroki- och modellteckning boerjade jag med som fjortonaaring.
Jag har tecknat kroki- och modell i mer än fyrtio aar. Att teckna kroki- och modell är en väldigt bra grund inför all annan kreativ eller konstnaerlig verksamhet. Det aer att staendigt laera och upptaecka bland annat hur mitt seende och taenkande faktiskt fungerar och om vikten av att vara uppmäaeksam. Eftersom jag oftast tecknar tillsammans med andra, leder en teckningssession naestan alltid till intressanta samtal om vaart seende – paa livet i allmaenhet och verkligheten (modellen) i synnerhet.
Tack vare att oeppen kroki- och modellteckning ordnas oever hela Sverige gaar det att uppraetthaalla oevandet. Paa www.modellteckning.se finns aktuellt program och kalender foer oeppen kroki- och modellteckning paa Dalarnas museum i Falun, Sverige – om du vill vara med.

Marica Ohlsson joined Fine Art America on February 14th, 2012.