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About how to check out the paintings and drawings: The sizes of the figure drawings (gesture drawings) in black and white are available in sizes on canvas up to about 40 x 60 cm (16 x 24 inch).   Most paintings are available up to about 1 meter (40 inch) in size.   To see how they turn out on a wall in a furnished room, click on a painting, then on wall art and then on one of the alternatives.   There you can choose and pick a size and see how it turns out on a wall in a room in the slideshow that has turned up.   About me, the artist: Brought up in an artists and an engineers home...more
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Life drawings with marker and felt pen on white backdrop kroki med tusch mot vit bakgrund

A markers stroke forces me to look with other eyes to shape what I see. Instead of nuances in grey it is an immediately created, completely black dense and even line. As soon as the pen grazes the paper or stops, a small pool of color emerges. About gesture-drawing The swedish word, kroki, stems from french, croquis but the english word, gesture drawing, says more what it means to me - the movement of the hand, a gesture. Exactly when gesture drawing turns into life drawing is hard to say, maybe two minutes. It is definitely not gesture-drawing when each decision on how to draw the line loses energy and intention. When that something that caught my eye, the movement, the expression, light is lost in details and I start to erase and correct.

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 3