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Martin H.   Weissman, Mathematician and author of An Illustrated Theory of Numbers, published by the American Mathematical Society.   Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.   PhD, Harvard University 2003.   AB, Princeton University 1999.   Personal homepage: martyweissman.com Book homepage: illustratedtheoryofnumbers.com
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Results: 6

 Digital Art - The Distribution of Primes by Martin Weissman

The Distribution of Primes Print

Martin Weissman


 Digital Art - Epicycles modulo 37 by Martin Weissman

Epicycles modulo 37 Print

Martin Weissman


 Digital Art - Integer Triangles by Martin Weissman

Integer Triangles Print

Martin Weissman


 Digital Art - Gauss and Eisenstein Primes by Martin Weissman

Gauss and Eisenstein Primes Print

Martin Weissman


 Digital Art - RGB Color Test by Martin Weissman

RGB Color Test Print

Martin Weissman


 Digital Art - Hundreds Chart by Martin Weissman

Hundreds Chart Print

Martin Weissman




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