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I enjoy creating paintings and drawings from life's experiences and I am inspired by things that I see around me.   I experiment a lot with colors and different techniques, thus lending to the difficulty of placing my work in some kind of description or style order.   How I interpret my work from what I see and hear pretty much depends on my mood at the time I create the piece.   Color, light and shape plays an important roll in my work.   Some of my pieces are created on an impulse moment.   This is where I have the need to create an art piece, the piece will then...more
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This time last year (2019), I was starting work on a solo exhibition, held and organized by myself. The intended date of the show was March 2020. The planning of the even and working on pieces for the show was a magnificent ongoing stream of crea... 

As an artist and a private art teacher, I have been asked many times "why is drawing an important foundation to develop?" or students get frustrated when their paintings do not materialize as they envisioned it. Often it is due to the lack of being ... 

A Reflection

May 2nd, 2020

I have struggled for 20 years to understand what my place in the art world is and what voice I have. I always thought that my art had to be about some cause in the world, some deep-seated, inner turmoil. I thought I had to develop a style that lo...