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Anyone with a camera and basic know-how can make excellent landscape images. The key to a good photo is in the eye of the photographer, not the pixel of the camera. Most people have heard to take photos during the golden hours - those hours right... 

Giving Back with your Photography I am a photographer because it gives me joy. When I look through the viewfinder and frame a scene, there comes a moment when the image falls into place. I find a sense of wholeness to the scene and nothing else en... 

With the greater availability of quality cameras, zoom lenses, cameras on phones and tablets, “street photography” has increased exponentially. And rightfully so - we are intrigued by our own nature and want to capture those candid moments occurring ... 

Jumpstarting Yourself from a Photographer’s Block We’ve all heard the term “writer’s block.” It’s easy to envision a writer ensconced away in their writing room, snapping #2 pencils in half, wadding up paper balls and hurling them across their ro... 

Smartphone Birdsong Apps can be Harmful Imposters I have seen many beautiful images of tropical and migratory songbirds. I know how hard photographers work, and the often insanely expensive equipment they use to make these images. The bird phot... 

Thank You

July 4th, 2013

If you've come to this page, you've seen some of my images. Please feel free to comment on images that you like, and please visit again as I add and change photos available for purchase. Thank you for the time you've spent with my site today. ** Mary...