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Michael Ryan grew up in Chicago, where he still has family and friends.   His education includes Associates in Applied Science (Aerospace Technology) and Bachelor of Applied Arts (Occupational Education).   He went on to achieve a successful career in the U.   S.   Air Force.   After his retirement from the Air Force his focused changed and he became a Youth Corrections Counselor with the California Department of Corrections, Juvenile Justice Division.   He has spent the last fifteen years working with incarcerated...more
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All About Art

Orangevale, Ca - November 23rd, 2007

M. Ryan is currently showing his work at the Frankfort Public Library, Frankfort, IL. Frankfort is located just south of the city of Chicago. The Frankfort library is well known for it's contributions to the arts and to the artist in and around the area. M. Ryan grew up on the south-side of Chicago and has family and friends in the Frankfort area. He current resides in the Sacramento California area where most of his photographs are in galleries, businesses and restaurants. M. Ryan has donated Giclee prints of his photographs to the Friends of the Frankfort library. M. Ryan can be contacted at maxryan@prodigy.net.