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ML Walker - Artist

ML Walker

Learn more about ML Walker from Oklahoma City, ok - United States.

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For several years, I have delved into various art genres, uncovering diverse methods that enable me to manifest my imagination. Color, design, juxtaposition, and illusion are domains where my experimentation has thrived.

I've always felt a peculiar attraction to those things that stimulate the imagination – elements that seem overtly evident, yet in reality, they are not. My art simply extends from my inherent curiosity. Moreover, I perceive art in all its forms as a metaphor for life and the human experience. Art possesses the ability to communicate on a fundamental and instinctive level, as long as it emanates from authenticity.

I hold the belief that the authentic definition of an image resides within the array of references from which the viewer derives. Thus, I've reached the conclusion that the most valuable contribution an artist can make is to grant the viewer the opportunity to explore what a specific artwork signifies to them... individually.

ML Walker joined Fine Art America on July 1st, 2016.