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Nanne Nyander - Artist

About Nanne Nyander

Learn more about Nanne Nyander from Jonkoping - Sweden.

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Angel Painter
Nanne Nyander was born in Sweden. Her interest and talent in painting and drawing started in early childhood.
Nanne has studied at Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, and spent several years painting in the studio of Odd Nerdrum in Norway. She currently owns and operates her own studio in Sweden.
Nanne paints in oil, in a style inspired by both the Renaissance and the Dutch masters. By painting layer on layer it gives her paintings a rich luminous effect, which has attracted the attention of private collectors around the world as well as notable institutions including the National Portrait Gallery in London, England and Jonkopings Lans Museum in her native Sweden.
“A great painting is comprised of several elements”, says Nyander. “There is a technical aspect which one learns from a teacher or in the Academy, but just as important is the painters ability to “see”, to have the patience to detect the subtle nuances of light that give form to the world. Then there is the painters vision, what one wants to say with the voice one has. The voice of Painting.”
The vision for Nanne Nyander is an important element that must be combined, must work in concert with talent and technical expertise to create a truly great painting.
Nanne paints Angels with a message, her paintings have an important and inspirational message. Nanne´s paintings make a difference in peoples lives, to inspire us, to make us feel bliss, to enhance our life quality.
Nanne Nyander has cultivated her natural talent through her studies in Florence and in Norway and by travelling extensively throughout Europe and North America to study, and to learn first hand from the great masterwork that are the heritage of todays Painters.
A painting must be seen to be truly appreciated; to fully grasp the power and beauty of light that can be obtained through the craft of oil painting.
She is currently working on a series of Angel paintings called “Angels of Virtues”.
Her paintings are about the hope that we as individuals, and as human beings must have in order so that we may create for ourselves a better world.
They are about finding Inner peace and nourishing it; about finding the light in the darkness.
They are about seeing the beauty in the world as blessings and using the blessings we are given to expand our health, happiness and wellbeing, both inwards and outwards.
These paintings are here to guide us, inspire us, to remind us of the peace and dignity we deserve.

“One can paint something like there is no hope for mankind, or we can paint something that will mesmerize us for eternity.” Nanne says calmly with clarity, and continues, “ Paintings are for the soul.”

WEBSITE: www.nannenyander.se

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NanneNyanderAngelPainter

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/NanneNyander?feature=watch

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Nanne Nyander joined Fine Art America on January 24th, 2012.