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Naomi Jacobs - Artist

About Naomi Jacobs

Learn more about Naomi Jacobs from Belfast - United States.

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Naomi S. S. Jacobs is an abstract digital artist. Jacobs studied with Andrea Rowe Kraus and at the Maryland Academy of Art and Design. She is also a biblical scholar/ancient Jewish historian, and much of her art draws on these themes. Many pieces are created using the celebrated golden mean and/or created at the same time as husband David Mitchell Jacobs Schwartz plays one of his string instruments.

Please also visit https://www.zhibit.org/upliftingart

Jacobs' artworks are displayed in the happy homes of her patrons. There is also a permanent installation of her painted glass bottles at Palatine House, Durham University,

What other artists have said about Jacobs' art:

Your art reaches a dimension of spirit with some unique colors. They made me dream'--Sonia Tamer, Brazil

'It's a great mix of Krasner's colours and with a bit of Veira De Silva' --Marc Heaton, UK

'Very soothing to one's soul' --Louise Kiner, Canada

On March 20, 2011, Dutch artist Monica Hulsing selected Jacobs as her Artist of the Day on Twitter.

Naomi Jacobs joined Fine Art America on August 1st, 2011.