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Seek the strongest color effect possible... the content is of no importance.' ~ Henri Matisse While I do not necessarily agree with the second part of the above statement, I must admit that colour moves me deeply. As a matter of fact, of all the elements of graphic design, it is colour that catches my eye first, prompting me to raise my camera to eye level. One could say that colour is my muse. Having learnt photography in my school days, I was to rediscover the joys of photography again in the mid-nineties; a good thing 'twas I must say - as a computer geek and information security specialist, I'd spent one year too many focusing on the logical left side of my brain while ignoring the creative right side. Taking to photography again led me to travel, and that was where I found my second calling, so as to speak. I am fortunate to be born - and live - in India, a land that positively explodes with colour, and is rich in culture, tradition, history, and contrasts. Over the past twenty years of my travels across this country, I have grown to love it deeply; my country has been good to me (and my ancestors, who arrived here as refugees over a thousand years back), and I am passionate about showcasing it to others - both via my images online, as well as my Photography Tours, Workshops & Expeditions in India During the course of my early travels as a photographer across India, I literally beat my own path. Discovering the best locations, the best angles, the best times of day... with no outfit nor guide qualified to serve the specialised needs of the photographer in me, I was charting new territory, drawing the map as I went along. This was to stand me in good stead in later years, when I went on to found 'Neville Bulsara Photography' - a pioneering outfit that offers Photography Tours, Workshops & Expeditions In India for the Discerning Photographer. Visit for further details about my photo trips in India. Over the years I have also worked on international assignments (involving photography in India), participated in art shows, sold my work to discerning collectors, and been published. I cannot, I'm afraid, claim much credit for that; India is a land of beauty par excellence - all I do is 'be there' to capture it. I am passionate about helping other photographers discover the bounty of photo-ops that India has to offer, and towards that end run an outfit that offers quality photographic tours, workshops & expeditions in India; just google “photo tours India” or the like and you’ll see me on the first page! My images here are for sale in various formats – please view the entire portfolio…

Neville Bulsara joined Fine Art America on January 19th, 2011.