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Peter Bonk - Artist

About Peter Bonk

Learn more about Peter Bonk from Lutz, FL - United States.

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The work of Pete Bonk evokes ones curiosity with whimsy. It is not simply a pretty picture but also poetry in painting. The subjects are very much about life and living. Professionally, Bonk has been active in the graphics arts industry for the last ten years. He is an adjunct professor and principal of Bonk and Associates. In recent years he has synthesized symbolic elements into paintings which utilize traditional painting techniques to represent contemporary life with a complex and a beautiful sense of color.

Pete has won numerous Best of Show awards. His works are hanging in Private and Public collections throughout the country.

Why Circles?
Some of my paintings are in circular form. I find in most cases this form better fits my aims than square forms. It is also believed by some that Leonardo symbolized the material existence in Vitruvian Man by the square and spiritual existence by the circle. Thus he attempted to depict the correlation between these two aspects of human existence.

In my paintings I try to use the material representation to convey a spiritual message. Hence, the round canvas.

Peter Bonk joined Fine Art America on December 21st, 2011.