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Greetings & Welcome to Nanomicroinfinity Art a true-life Odyssey and Anew form of MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART!   MY PASSION IS THE SEARCH'S FOR TINY SPACE IN EVERYDAY THINGS, THEN CREATE SOME OF THE SMALLEST ART IN THE WORLD. 'Here's A Listing Of The Tiny Spaces I Enjoy Working With!' On the needle points of size 8 sewing needles; inside the size 8 sewing needles & regular size sewing needles, some of the larger Jumbo Microscopic Artworks are in the larger No.13 & No.16 YARN sewing needle eyes.   My tiny artworks are on the tops of Standard Straight...more
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Debuting 50 Micro Artworks

"Debuting 50 Microscopic Artworks" "Welcome Everyone!" "At this time the gallery is under construction, it will take time to set all things in order." "These tiny artworks are some of the smallest in the world; they were created with a 90x power microscope and homemade microscopic tools by 'Microscopist Artist & Journeyman Alchemist Phillip H. George,' with the hopes of helping those in need." "Those Being Human & Animal!" "Many factors come into play when taking on a large volume of work such as 'Debuting 50 Micro Artworks,' the tiny artworks are genuine and a lot of research was done to find very unique people working hard to help those in need, I would like to add that I'm very grateful to fineartamerica.com for having such a remarkable web platform for showcasing Artist and their work! "I do recommend fineartamerica.com if you knows of an Artist dreaming of having a their very own art website, fineartamerica.com can make that dream come true. {"Visionary dreams can be made to come true with hard work and understanding!"} PHG {"Best Wishes To The Hard Working Staff At fineartamerica.com, & Thank You Very Much!"} "Nanomicroinfinity Art Is Anew Expressionism In Modern Microscopic Art, Creating Many New Microscopic Art Forms!" "Jumbo Micro Art is one of those new Microscopic Art Forms; my reason for creating tiny Artworks on a larger scale is it can be viewed with a powerful magnifying glass." "Jumbo Micro Art, is my largest Microscopic Art Forms!" {"No.13 Yarn Sewing Needles are the largest needle eyes I'm working with, that space inside those eyes is about the same size as the wide surface of a flat toothpick." (No.16 Yarn Sewing Needle Eyes are smaller and have about half as much space inside the eyes.) Some of the 50 Micro Artworks will be in smaller sewing needle eyes; like the Standard Sewing Needle; my favorite needles are the Size 8's, the Logo art for this gallery titled, Three Balloons is in a size 8, those eyes are just big enough to pass a sewing thread through. ("Some of the 50 Jumbo Artworks will be on Standard Round & Flat Toothpicks.") "A smaller Micro Art Form making up the 50 Artworks will be on the Tops of Standard Straight Pinheads.

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 113




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