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Greetings & Welcome to Nanomicroinfinity Art a true-life Odyssey and Anew form of MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART!   MY PASSION IS THE SEARCH'S FOR TINY SPACE IN EVERYDAY THINGS, THEN CREATE SOME OF THE SMALLEST ART IN THE WORLD. 'Here's A Listing Of The Tiny Spaces I Enjoy Working With!' On the needle points of size 8 sewing needles; inside the size 8 sewing needles & regular size sewing needles, some of the larger Jumbo Microscopic Artworks are in the larger No.13 & No.16 YARN sewing needle eyes.   My tiny artworks are on the tops of Standard Straight...more
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Art In The Eye Of A Needle

NANOMICROINFINITY ART IS A NEW FORM OF MODERN ART AND BEING THAT IT IS JUST STARTING TO COME ON LINE SOME PEOPLE ARE WANTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT. NANOMICROINFINITY ART IS NOT DIGITAL ART MY PHOTOS OF MICRO ART ARE MADE WITH MICROSCOPIC CAMERA AND LIGHT SHADING OF DIFFERENT COLORS. This is fine art sculptured in eyes of silver and golden eye sewing needles. A newly found expressionism named by Phillip H George NANOMICROINFINITY ART. Microscopic art is compose with the aid of a microscope and microscope camera. Cloudscape with rainbows Seascaps, Lighthouses,Sailboats, the Art work is made by hand in a MICROSCOPIC WORLD; that is at the Doorway to INFINITY. MY MICRO ART IS THE REAL DEAL IN REAL EYES OF SEWING NEEDLES; I REALLY ENJOY MAKING SOME OF THE WORLDS SMALLEST ART. I WILL TRY TO EXPLAIN SOME OF THE MEANS, METHODS AND RESOURCES BELONGING TO THIS NEW COMPLEX ART FORM. Here are some of the questions other Artist have ask about Nanomicroinfinity Art. 1. Are you painting this MICRO ART ? ( YES ) 2. What tools are used to make this MICRO ART ? ( All my Microscopic tools are handmade and some are made with the aid of a Microscope. I make some microscopic metal tip tools that are designed like a pallet knife edge. My Microscopic paint brushes are made from allot of different very fine fibers. Some of those fibers are: A Cat Whisker, A Cat Hair, Numerous other Microscopic Fibers.) 3. What kind of paint do you use ? ( Will it is like this if it has a color pigment I use it. Sometimes I make a elixir paint from graphite carbon used for lead in pencils. Those elixir paints are composed chemistry. Numerous resources of retardants and glues go into making Nanomicroinfinity Art. For example a rainbow in the eye of a needle has three different types of glue in the chemical make up. Those three gules makes that rainbow sculpture painting just like stain-glass. Some of my Micro Art has masonry cement in it too. Colors and textures on a microscopic scale and being the particles are so small I can get oil and water to sway. One meaning for sway is make oil and water work together with each other. We all know that oil and water doesn't mix. I found away to make them work together on a microscopic scale and that knowledge is used to make the rainbows. The nature of the two not wanting to mix together is still there and I use those properties to make it work out.) 4. Do you Sculpture this Micro Art and what do you make it with ? ( YES, Nanomicroinfinity Art is Sculptured with microscopic tools and a combination of numerous chemical components. 5. What kind of Photographic process is used to take pictures of this Micro Art. ( At this time I use a 400x power Microscope Camera connected to a 90x power microscope and all that magnification power flows into my computer. The subject being viewed in the microscope will be seen on my computer screen. When the subject is in focus then all I have to do is click take photo on the computer screen. Now all that may appear to be so easily done, will that isn't the case. Here are a few of the factors that make photographing this tiny art form so hard. FACTOR 1. Work with a Computer and Microscope Camera is new for me and that makes me a little slow setting up my art up on the web. FACTOR 2. The Micro Art is so small I need better and more powerful magnifying equipment. The magnification power that I have right now is not quite strong enough to bring into view all the coloration. There are other factors too why the microscopic photos have a tent of blur in the finished picture. When focusing the perspective of the Micro Art subjects you can zoom in or out. There is a point when focusing the magnification power into the subject the outer edge of the photo will become blurred. That is were all the superfine detail comes into view. When zooming out from the subject superfine preceptive will become blurred and the outer edge of the picture will become clear. So when focusing the zoom on a Micro Art subject one has to meet some-were in the middle. Thank You

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