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Greetings & Welcome to Nanomicroinfinity Art a true-life Odyssey and Anew form of MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART!   MY PASSION IS THE SEARCH'S FOR TINY SPACE IN EVERYDAY THINGS, THEN CREATE SOME OF THE SMALLEST ART IN THE WORLD. 'Here's A Listing Of The Tiny Spaces I Enjoy Working With!' On the needle points of size 8 sewing needles; inside the size 8 sewing needles & regular size sewing needles, some of the larger Jumbo Microscopic Artworks are in the larger No.13 & No.16 YARN sewing needle eyes.   My tiny artworks are on the tops of Standard Straight...more
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"NEWS ABOUT THE AUCTION; RECEIVED A. REAL LITTER IN THE MAIL BOX ON 3,5,2011; IT WAS VERY GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE " 11th ART WITH HEART CHARITY AUCTION" , THE LITTER READS LIKE THIS. United Family Services February 28' 2011 Phillip George 000000000000 Jonesville , NC 000000 Dear Phillip, On behalf of the United Family Services, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of the 11th Annual Art With Heart Auction. Thanks to you and all of the generous supporters, our auction raised more then $132,000. This goes a long way to help women and children in this community in so many ways. These funds will help families in need continue to find safety provided by United Family Services and Shelter for Battered Women. Domestic violence victims can pick up a phone and receive comfort from a compassionate, educated counselor through the 24-hour domestic violence hotline. Victims will have access to legal services to guide them through court proceedings. And thousands of women and children who have made the brave decision to leave life-threatening situations will now have hope for a safe life. Your support has made a difference. We are humbled by your generosity and grateful you chose Art With Heart for your donation. Our sincerest thanks, Art With Heart Committee United Family Services "THE LITTER MADE MY DAY; I. DO LIKE APPES AND THOSE KIND WORDS ARE GOOD APPES." "I would like say Thank You To All The PEOLPE Who Took Part In Making The Auction A GREAT NIGHT." "Truly when people care the darkness of no hope can be a thing of the pass, each penny can aid in fueling the flame of hope and push back the darkness were there was no hope. Sometimes all that is needed is the kind words of a phone call and the understanding there are people who do care." Phillip H George! ::: [THE FOLLOWING WAS WROTE BEFORE THE AUTION.] ::: THE 11th ANNUAL ART WITH HEART AUCTION HAS CONFIRM THAT THE MICROSCOPIC ART IS IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLIN A, USA. WILL BE AUCTION IN A. SILENT AUCTION; NO EMAIL BIDS. THE AUCTION IS BEING HELD ON FEBRUARY 5, '2011,' AT THE FOUNDER HALL LOCATED IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA, "U.S.A" BENEFITING "THE UNITED FAMILY SERVICES" A. MULTIFACETED FAMILY SERVICES AGENCY. www.artwithheartauction.com THE ART IS IN 6 SEWING NEEDLE EYES AND THERE ARE 3 DIFFERENT SEWING NEEDLE EYES SIZES; The SMALLEST is a {Size/Gr/Tam 8} At this time a Size 8 is the smallest needle eye that I create Art in; the eye is just large enough to pass a Sewing Tread through. That's Incredibly tiny in real-life; I know of No Other Sculpture Of Pilot Mountain in the World At This Time Smaller then this Tiny Sculpture. The needle has two ways it can be viewed a front side and a back side view. The two views Add to the Uniqueness of this True Life One Of A. Kind. It's TWO Different Views added to the Uniqueness making the Needle one Needle with Two MICRO ART PIECES IN THE SAME EYE. MAKING THIS TINY NEEDLE A. WORLD CLASS PIECES OF MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART; IT CAN SET NUMEROUS RECORDS IN THE RECORD BOOKS. I. DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME TO HAVE IT DOCUMENTED AS SO. IF THE PERSON ARE PERONS NEED ME TO FILL OUT FORMS FOR SETTING NUMEROUS RECORDS I. WILL BE HAPPY TO DO SO; JUST SEND THE FORMS TO ME AND I. WILL STATE FOR THE RECORDS WHAT RECORDS THIS TINY NEEDLE CAN HOLD. IN THE WORLD RECORDS OF TRUE MORDEN MICROSCOPIC ART; CREATED BY HAND WITH HOMEMADE MICROSCOPIC TOOLS AND A 90X POWER MICROSCOPE. "I LOVED CREATING SOME OF THE WORLDS SMALLEST ART" "I. KNOW OF NO OTHER MICROSCOPIST ARTIST IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" CREATING HAND SCULPTURED AND HAND PAINTED AT THIS TIME '12/8/2010' NO THE SCALE SIZE OF THE; Gr/Tam 8 SEWING NEEDLE EYE. THE NEXT SMALLEST NEEDLE IN THIS DONATION TO THE "11th ART WITH HEART AUCTION" IS A. SIZE 16 YARN SEWING NEEDLE THAT ONE IS THE SMALLER OF THE 5 YARN NEEDLES. THIS NEEDLE IS TITLED; "WAVE" it will be Donated to the "Art With Heart Staff" in Hopes that it will Help with their needs. IN THIS SEWING NEEDLE EYE IS A. HAND SCULPTED AND PAINTED PANORAMIC VIEW OF A. OCEAN WAVE ROLLING UP ON THE BEACH. I LOVE PAINTING AND SCULPTURING THE SEA; I. FIND A. FREEDOM OF THE MIND IN EXPRESSING THE COLORS AND MOVEMENTS OF WATER. THAT CAN BE SEEN WHEN VIEWING THIS VERY UNIQUE PIECES OF MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART; THIS No.16 YARN NEEDLE IS BIG ENOUTH TO BE CLASSIFIED AS JUMBO MICRO ART. THE OTHER 4 JUMBO MICRO ART NEEDLES ARE LARGER THEY ARE No13 YARN NEEDLES ON EACH MICROSCOPE PHOTOGRAPH IN THIS DONEE GALLRY IS THE INFORMATION THE ART WORK AT THIS TIME AND PLACE I. WILL NOT GOING INTO WRITING ALL THAT INFORMATION HERE; YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO VIEW AND READ ABOUT THE ART ON EACH PICTURE. THE INFORMATION IS A. LITTLE DIFFERENT ON EACH PHOTO; THIS IS A. GOOD TIME TO WRITE ABOUT SOME OF THE GOALS THAT I. HAVE FOR NANOMICROINFINITY ART. FRSIT THE MEANING TO THE WORD; "DONEE" 1.A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN GIVEN SOMETHING AS A. GIFT. 2. Law. A person who has been given a power. In my writings I write about the GIFT OF KNOWLEDGES that are real. If you add up all the sculpted & painted Micro Art that is donated to the Art With Heart Auction 'there is' a sum of 11-Modern Microscopic Art Pieces in 6 Needle Eyes. All 11 Pieces were Created in less then a months time. I know of no other Micro Artist in the World Creating Microscopic Art at that speed; there were other pieces that I was working on plus some computer work. I'm starting to understand the Gift and were it's wanting to take me. And that is into a time in the past there are some art pieces that are wanting to be know; those will be posted after I set all things in order for the Auction. I know to hold the course and in time I will be able to help some of those in need. As of right now I reached for something that was impossible at one time. How those dreams have come true and the impossible has become the norm for me and the Art Skills that I have worked so hard to gain. At this time I'm the only one working to set all things in order for the Art that I create. MY fineartamerica website & Facebook site are going to evolve into a Ship-Of-The-line named "JOURNEY" helping Friends and those I can. It will take time to set all things in order; with hard work and long hours I will achieve allot of Goals. The Art at this time is wanting to go in the Direction of Creating Jumbo Micro in the Larger Eyed YARN Sewing Needles for some of the ANIMALS THAT ARE ON THE BRINK EXTINCTION; ONE OF THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES IS THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. The Art is taking me into times that passed in the years of old when our ancestors were trying to understand the World they lived in. The GIFT wanting to Create large No.13 YARN Needles that have Animals in the Eyes; and the time will be Noah's Ark. There will be 2 Noah's Ark needles to start with and later on there will be more; 1 of the Noah's Ark I will keep; the other 1 will Donated to Charity for the Royal Bengal Tiger. And with that 1 Noah's Ark Needle there will be a number of Needles With An Animals Themes. At the time of the Noah's Ark Auction there will be Art sold to benefit Me and my effort to helping those I can. NOW I. WOULD LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT THE WAY I. FEEL ABOUT ART AND THE WAY I. SEE THINGS AS BEING THE WAY THE THEY ARE. As of right now I'm Setting Things I. Order For The Up COMING "11th ART WITH HEART AUCTION" that is going to take Computer TIME to Set Up My Facebook Site. I have to Complete the Work there First. Then I will have a clearer Mind; for Creating the "Donee Noah's Ark Charity." Right now I fell like a Race Horse standing in the starting gate working his hoof into the ground knowing it will come time to start; 'Its' like I just can't wait to get back to the Microscope and let the Art Flow-forth with the GIFT Of True Knowledge's, Speed and HELP FROM ABOVE; THAT WILL BE DONE. THIS IS HOW I. PERCEIVE ART AND BEING A. ARTIST IN THIS AGE OF MORDER MANKIND & MODERN ART. THE ART WORLD ISN'T SET IN STONE AND TO SAY IT IS LIKE LIVING IN THE AGES OF DARKNESS AND NOT WANTING TO CHANGE. IF THERE ARE ON CHANGES THEN THAT IS THE STATUS QUO AND NO ADVANCEMENT OF MANKIND ARTS; JUST LIKE IN YEAR 1492 THE STATUS QUO WAS SAYING WE LIKE THE WORLD FLATE AND WANTS TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. THAT'S THE YEAR CHRISTOPHER & QUEEN ISABELLA REJECTED THE STATUS QUO; "NANOMICROINFINITY ART IS ANEW EXPRESSIONISM OF MORDEN MICROSCOPIC ART AND WITH THE DETERMINATION OF Microscopist Artist & Journeyman Alchemist Phillip H George THE NEW ART FORMS ARE FORTHCOMING." ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD HAVE THE GIFT OF BEING ARTIST THERE IS THE ART TO BEING A. DOCTOR, A. GOOD MOTHER,SCHOOL TEACHER,OFFICE WORKER, FISHERMAN, TRUCK DRIVER THE LIST CAN GO ON AND ON; THERE WOULD NOT BE NO MODERN WORLD FOR MANKIND IT THERE WERE NO ART IN HIS & HER WORLD. "WE ARE IN THIS WORLD FOR A. SHORT TIME; THEN OUR SPIRTS MOVE ON." "THE KNOWLEDGES WE LEARNED IN THIS WORLD WILL BE THE KNOWLEDGES OUR SPRITS HAVE WHEN IT MOVES ON; TO ETERNITY." THE LIFE OF A. ARTIST CAN BE HARD AND THE WORLD CAN BE A. COLD PLACE AND THE WAY OUT FROM THE COLD IS KNOWING YOUR ART TRADE AND DEVELOPING THE SKILLS TO US THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE;THAT TAKES HARD WORK AND ONE MUST BE DEDICATED WITH A. PASSION IN LEARNING THE KNOWLEDGES OF THE TRADE. Art has a Bright Side & Dark Side I try not going into the Dark Side; but it's there all around us and it's a Form Of Art Too. I like to think of Art as; Seeing a child walking down the beach dragging a stick in the sand as it walking along leaving a drag mark and foot print behind makes that child an artist and in away it's a statement of the child saying, as they turn to look back; at one time in my life I was there and now I'm here. A person that says one form of Art isn't A form of Art is wrong that person is in the darkness of unknowing what Art is. Art is created in many ways; with the hopes of the Artist that one day the people of the World would enjoy viewing their Creation. "It was a true pleasure to create the Microscopic Art for the 11th ART WITH HEART AUCTION; I hope it will be able to Help Those In Need." Thank You And Good Luck, Microscopist Artist & Journeyman Alchemist Phillip H George '12/20/2010.'

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