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Greetings & Welcome to Nanomicroinfinity Art a true-life Odyssey and Anew form of MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART!   MY PASSION IS THE SEARCH'S FOR TINY SPACE IN EVERYDAY THINGS, THEN CREATE SOME OF THE SMALLEST ART IN THE WORLD. 'Here's A Listing Of The Tiny Spaces I Enjoy Working With!' On the needle points of size 8 sewing needles; inside the size 8 sewing needles & regular size sewing needles, some of the larger Jumbo Microscopic Artworks are in the larger No.13 & No.16 YARN sewing needle eyes.   My tiny artworks are on the tops of Standard Straight...more
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Donee Gallery Noahs Ark

DONEE NOAH'S ARK is setup to debut the Nanomicroinfinity Jumbo Micro Art that will be Donated to the Royal Bengal Tigers; these beautiful large cats are on the BRINK OF EXTINCTION. One day there may not be Royal Bengal Tigers living FREE in the WILD; this is true. POACHERS TRESPASSING ON THE LANDS SET ASIDE FOR THESE TIGERS AND OTHER ANIMALS; THEY ARE KILLING THE TIGERS AND LEOPARDS; sometimes the leopards are victims of these traps. There are some game reservers that have had all their Tigers Killed; the Dreaded poachers are Killing at least 60 Tigers a year, then moving on to another reserver. Feb 19th 2010 Official Estimates are 1,411 Tigers Left Living In The Wild. "I WIIL ADD MORE INFORMATION AS THE ART IS CREATED; THANK YOU." Today is 5,20,2011 there is a lot going on for Nanomicroinfinity Art over the last few months and I had to put the Tiger Art on hold for a while; I finished needle No. 5 now and there is a lot more work to do in setting all things in order to make sure the donation will reach the right persons who will do their best to helping the Tigers. The Art is in waiting now and I hope to pass it on in this year of 2011; it is some of the Worlds smallest Modern Microscopic Tiger Art, the five yarn needles are No.16 and that is a small yarn needle eye, my microscope camera isn't able to take clear superfine detail photos. At this time the pictures are the best I can take; this tiny art can be viewed with a good magnifying glass. I used a 90x power microscope to create the art; it was sculptured and painted in relief form, I'm learning new ways of creating these small art form as time passes. Time is what it going to take now I want to make sure the Art will help the Tigers; after all is set in order I will be able to help more and things will move faster. I would like to write to the brave women and men who are working to save the wild tigers; I can only imagine what it would be like to journey into the regions were these 600 pounds cats live and try to stop the poachers, yours is very dangerous work, my prayers will have you in them and Thank You.

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