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Greetings & Welcome to Nanomicroinfinity Art a true-life Odyssey and Anew form of MODERN MICROSCOPIC ART!   MY PASSION IS THE SEARCH'S FOR TINY SPACE IN EVERYDAY THINGS, THEN CREATE SOME OF THE SMALLEST ART IN THE WORLD. 'Here's A Listing Of The Tiny Spaces I Enjoy Working With!' On the needle points of size 8 sewing needles; inside the size 8 sewing needles & regular size sewing needles, some of the larger Jumbo Microscopic Artworks are in the larger No.13 & No.16 YARN sewing needle eyes.   My tiny artworks are on the tops of Standard Straight...more
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MICRO ART Update By Artist, Phillip H George

Jonesville, NC - July 24th, 2010

Greetings to All, And I would like say Thank You to all the Staff of Fineartamerica; "for a job well done." And for the approval of my art and providing all the accessory to the World Wide Web. And to All the Artist that helped me when all I needed was A. Kind word I would like to say A. BIG THANK YOU. From My Truly Thankful Heart I. Wish You The Best That This Beautiful Planet Has To Offer. I would like to write or say a little about; "Art and time." Art is a record of time set in colors created by the Artist; showing that I the Artist was here alive on this Beautiful Planet We Call Mother Earth. One way to prove those words are true; is to look at the Cave Paintings of our early Ancestors. In one of those caves is a picture of a hand outlined on the surface of the cave; left their by one of our first Ancestral Artist. The Ancestor placed their hand on the surface of the ca...


Jonesville, NC - March 23rd, 2010

Greetings, Welcome to a New Art from in MICRO ART. My name is Phillip H George. Micro Art has been a part of my life for over 16 years. In the last two years I have push myself to get into this Micro Art. I have a desire to make the smallest art that has ever been made by hand with the aid of a microscope. That desire is now a reality and the biggest holdback that I have now is my microscopic equipment is not able to take photos of true Micro ART that I created. The photos are not clear and only 90% of the colors come into view. The only way to fix those photos is to upgrade to 600x1200x power magnification with camera and a new computer. I ask you to please look passed the fuzzy photos and there is a new art form in my work. In time I hope to get that new equipment upgrade because I need those things to advance my Micro Art to new levels. The rainbows in the eyes of needles are lik...