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Pierre Leclerc Photography - Artist

Pierre Leclerc Photography Press Releases

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Pierre Leclerc is a Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer based in Vancouver, B.C.   Born in Quebec, Canada, Pierre learned to appreciate nature and the great outdoors from an early age.   His adventurous free spirited nature took him to the west coast of Canada, Hawaii and Ireland where he resided in each location for several years.   The healthy lifestyle and the majestic wilderness of British Columbia is what brought him back to Vancouver.   Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Pierreā€™s unique compositions capture the very essence of the landscapes he love to...more
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Stunning Metal Prints

Delta, BC - September 1st, 2019

New work from Pierre Leclerc Photography! Check out these stunning images from Pierre's travels to Iceland, Hawaii and the Canadian Rockies https://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/

Turquoise Splendor Moraine Lake Limited Time Offer

Delta, BC - July 24th, 2018

Limited Time offer!! 5days only! Purchase a 36.00" x 24.00" stretched canvas print of Pierre Leclerc Photography's Turquoise splendor Moraine Lake for the promotional price of: $130 USD!!

Free Shipping Today Only

Vancouver, BC - November 24th, 2017

Free Shipping !! Any Product, Any size!! Today only! Anywhere in the world!! Pierre Leclerc Photography: https://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com If there is a day to buy art for your walls, today is the day! Metal Prints! Canvas Prints! Acrylic Prints Framed Prints! And Poster Prints! Over 3500 images to choose from! 30 day money back Guarantee! #freeshipping #blackfriday #sale #gifts #giftideas #wallart #canvasprints #metalprints #acrylicprints #pierreleclercphotography #deals #bestdeals #savings #framedprints #savemoney #shopping #FAAHOLIDAY

New Hawaii Prints

Vancouver, BC - October 15th, 2017

I am just back with some New images of Maui, Hawaii, available as Metal, Acrylic, Canvas, Framed and poster prints: https://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/collections/hawaii+prints

Bow Lake Dramatic Reflection

Vancouver, BC - April 1st, 2017

Bow Lake Dramatic reflection. cool clouds, mountains, glaciers, calm lake on the icefield parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Taken with the Canon EOS 5DSR. Look stunning as Metal prints, Canvas prints and Acrylic prints: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/bow-lake-dramatic-reflection-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Mount Baker Full Moon At Sunset

Vancouver, BC - January 15th, 2017

Mount Baker Full Moon At Sunset on a cold winter evening from the shores of Boundary Bay, BC Prints: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/products/mount-baker-full-moon-at-sunset-pierre-leclerc-photography-metal-print.html #mountbaker, #baker, #mountain, #sunset, #winter #boundarybay, #britishcolumbia #canada #landscape #nature #cold #ice, #pierreleclercphotography, #moon, #fullmoon, #supermoon

Bryce Canyon Hoodoo Landscape

Vancouver, BC - December 28th, 2016

Hoodoos of all shapes and colors in Bryce canyon National Park, Utah High quality Prints for sale : http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/products/bryce-canyon-hoodoo-landscape-pierre-leclerc-photography-art-print.html

New Print Of Horseshoe Bend

Vancouver, BC - December 13th, 2016

New print of Horseshoe Bend! Wide view of Horseshoe bend near the town of Page, Arizona at sunset. Taken with the canon 5dsr and 14 mm f2.8 rokinon. Prints available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/products/colorado-horseshoe-pierre-leclerc-photography-art-print.html

Sandstone Ocean

Vancouver, BC - November 19th, 2016

Sandstone Ocean. sandstone formations resembling waves in rough seas, colorful sandstone inside the lower antelope slot canyon near page, Arizona. Special Promotion for a limited time! http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/weeklypromotion.html?promotionid=203658

Dramatic Grandeur

Vancouver, BC - November 15th, 2016

Storm clouds, Rainbow and warm sunlight at sunset all came together to create this dramatic scene at the Cape Royal viewpoint on the North Rim of Grand Canyon national Park in Arizona. This image gained a lot of attention on Social media with nearly 50000 views Prints are available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/products/dramatic-grandeur-pierre-leclerc-photography-art-print.html

Dont Be Late For Christmas

Vancouver, BC - November 10th, 2016

Dont be late for Christmas! Order your prints now so they arrive in time. 20% OFF artist commission with this discount code: FTHYKU Great gift for someone special! 3500 images to choose from, 30-day money-back guarantee! Shipping worldwide! High quality Metal prints, Canvas prints, Acrylic prints, Framed prints and prints rolled in a tube. http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com

Tropical Nuclear Sunrise

Vancouver, BC - October 22nd, 2016

Tropical Nuclear Sunrise. Sunrise from secret cove on the tropical Island of Maui, Hawaii Metal prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and Acrylic Prints available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/tropical-nuclear-sunrise-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Special Promotion

Vancouver, BC - October 20th, 2016

All Purchases on pierre-leclerc.pixels.com Come With a $100 Gift Certificate from NakedWines.com This month, we're running a special promotion. All orders on http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/ come with a $100 gift certificate good towards your first purchase of wine on NakedWines.com. Yes, really! Naked Wines is a company based in Napa, California, that supports independent wine makers from all over the world. Independent artists and photographers... independent wine makers... it's a perfect match... When you place an order on pierre-leclerc.pixels.com, we'll e-mail you a $100 gift certificate from NakedWines.com... instantly. It doesn't matter how large your order is on Fine Art America. If you order a single greeting card, you'll still receive the gift certificate. Once you receive the gift certificate, all you have to do is visit NakedWines.com, enter in your gift certif...

Dawn At Tipsoo Lake

Vancouver, BC - October 7th, 2016

Dawn at Tipsoo lake Reflection of the glaciated peak of Mount Rainier at Dawn from the shore of Tipsoo Lake, Rainier National Park, Washington State. Taken with Canon EOS 5DSR. Metal prints, Acrylic prints, Canvas prints and Framed prints: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/dawn-at-tipsoo-lake-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Super Natural British Columbia

Vancouver, BC - October 4th, 2016

Super Natural British Columbia. Stunning landscape and natural beauty of Upper Joffre lake in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. Taken with the Canon 5dsr. This image made it to Flickr Explore and gained great exposure with over 30000 views Prints are available: Metal, Canvas, Acrylic, Framed and Prints rolled in a tube in various sizes. Shipped world wide: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/super-natural-british-columbia-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Silhouette Of Wizard Island At Sunrise

Vancouver, BC - September 27th, 2016

Silhouette of Wizard island at Sunrise in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. Wizard Island is a cinder cone inside the main crater, it rises 755 feet above the surface of the lake and it has a crater of 100 feet deep named the "Witches Cauldron" Metal, Acrylic, Canvas and Framed prints available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/silhouette-of-wizard-island-at-sunrise-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Last Glow At Picture Lake

Vancouver, BC - September 23rd, 2016

Last glow on the peak of mount Shuksan reflected in the very calm Picture Lake while on a day adventure, hiking at Mount Baker area in the state of Washington, Pacific Northwest, USA Metal prints, Canvas prints, Acrylic prints and Framed prints: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/last-glow-at-picture-lake-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Spectacular Turquoise Lake

Vancouver, BC - September 18th, 2016

This is the first of 3 spectacular turquoise Lakes fed by Matier Glacier in Joffre Lakes provincial park, British Columbia, Canada Metal, Acrylic, Canvas and Framed prints available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/spectacular-turquoise-lake-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Clouds In Motion

Vancouver, BC - September 13th, 2016

Daytime Long exposure with a ND filter at Crater lake National Park, Oregon with some interesting clouds in motion. Metal, Canvas and Framed prints available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/clouds-in-motion-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Sunshine Forest

Vancouver, BC - September 4th, 2016

I am back from my road trip, it has been challenging, the weather wasn't always on my side but i'm pretty happy with some of my shots that i will be sharing with you over the next little while. Photography is having the ability to capture "luck" after you've had the patience of waiting for it. The first shot from my road trip is a photo from the Oregon Coast, it was a very foggy morning and couldn't see much of the coast but looking the other way towards the mountains the sun was trying to peak through the fog in the forest. Sunshine Forest. Metal, Canvas and Framed prints available: http://pierre-leclerc.pixels.com/featured/sunshine-forest-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Dont Be Late For Christmas

Vancouver, BC - November 22nd, 2015

Dont be late for Christmas! Order your prints Now so they arrive in time! http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Photo Of The Day New Print

Vancouver, BC - November 11th, 2015

New print available of Icy Blue Bow Lake at Dawn on the Icefield Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Taken with the Canon eos 5dsr http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/icy-blue-bow-lake-on-the-icefield-parkway-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Photo Of The Day New Print

Vancouver, BC - November 2nd, 2015

New print available of Mount Rundle From Second Vermilion Lake! Long exposure of Mount Rundle with reflection from Second Vermilion Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Taken with Canon Eos 5DSR and 16-35mm f4 is. http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/mount-rundle-from-second-vermilion-lake-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Photo Of The Day New Print

Vancouver, BC - November 1st, 2015

New print available of Grinnell Sunrise 4 minute long exposure of Mount Grinnel at sunrise from the shore of Swiftcurrent lake on the Many glacier side of Glacier National Park, Montana. http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/grinnell-sunrise-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Photo Of The Day New Print

Vancouver, BC - October 21st, 2015

New print available: One of the Most Beautiful Mountain Scenery in the Canadian Rockies. Mount Edith Cavell reflection at sunrise in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Prints available here: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/most-beautiful-mountain-scenery-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

New Print Of Incredible Peyto Lake

Vancouver, BC - October 20th, 2015

New print from Pierre Leclerc Photography : Incredible colour of Peyto Lake in the heart of the Canadian Rocky mountains. Glacier fed lake located on the Icefield parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo taken with the Canon EOS 5DSR. print available here: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/incredible-peyto-lake-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

New Images From The Canadian Rockies

Vancouver, BC - October 12th, 2015

New images from a recent road trip to the Canadian Rockies taken with the Canon 5DSR 50 megapixels camera. Yoho, Banff, Jasper and Glacier National Parks. http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

30000 Views In One Day

Vancouver, BC - August 20th, 2015

One of my latest image taken with the 50 megapixel Canon eos 5DSR has generated nearly 30000 views in one day on Flickr Explore. Prints are available : http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/whyte-island-sunset-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Stunning Photography

Vancouver, BC - July 26th, 2015

New Stunning Photographs from Pierre Leclerc Photography! Spectacular landscape of the turquoise water at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park in the alpine wilderness of British Columbia, Canada

Limited Time Promotion

Vancouver, BC - July 9th, 2015

Limited time promotion! 20% off all images! with this discount code: DJDZAP only until the end of July! Over 3000 images to choose from! Follow this link: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/ Enjoy!

Prints Of Ireland

Vancouver, BC - July 1st, 2015

Beautiful Giclee Prints of Ireland available from Pierre Leclerc Photography: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/all/all/ireland


Vancouver, BC - June 9th, 2015

Photo of the day: Beautiful sunset from Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. Long exposure with a silhouette of Siwash Rock. This image is available as fine art prints : http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/silhouette-of-siwash-rock-at-sunset-pierre-leclerc-photography.html Licensing also available: http://licensingpixels.com/featured/silhouette-of-siwash-rock-at-sunset-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Photo Of The Day

Vancouver, BC - April 19th, 2015

Photo of the day available on Pierre Leclerc Photography! http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/kee-beach-sunset-kauai-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

Royalty Free Images

Vancouver, BC - April 19th, 2015

Do you need an image for a project? A digital download? My photos are now available for licensing! http://licensingpixels.com/profiles/pierre-leclerc.html

New Prints From Kauai

Vancouver, BC - February 13th, 2015

New prints from the Amazing Island of Kauai, Hawaii from Pierre Leclerc Photography http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/all/all/kauai

Photo Of The Day

Vancouver, BC - January 28th, 2015

Photo of the day available on Pierre Leclerc Photography http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/sun-rays-in-a-magical-forest-pierre-leclerc-photography.html

New Images On Pierre Leclerc Photography

Vancouver, BC - January 10th, 2015

New Images for sale! On Pierre Leclerc Photography

Happy New Year 2015

Vancouver, BC - January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year 2015! It's been a great year 2014! Thank you for all your support and for following my photography. Looking forward to new adventures and new photos to share with you in 2015 http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Limited Time Promotion

Vancouver, BC - December 6th, 2014

Don't miss this Limited time promotion! only 10 prints available at this price! Pierre Leclerc Photography presents "Moody sunset at secret cove Maui" Follow this link: http://fineartamerica.com/weeklypromotion.html?promotionid=157725


Vancouver, BC - November 26th, 2014

Don't miss out! Black Friday Sale, 50% off artist commission until Sunday Nov 30th at midnight. Use Discount code: YTDAYV Website: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com

Buy A Print For Christmas

Vancouver, BC - November 19th, 2014

Great gift idea for Christmas! Buy a print!, choose from thousand of images! http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Special Offer For November

Vancouver, BC - November 1st, 2014

Pierre Leclerc Photography Special offer for the month of November. Enjoy 15% off Artist's commission! Simply use this discount code before November 30th. Discount code: VUHHNS

Fall Reflections

Vancouver, BC - October 19th, 2014

New Images of Fall Reflections from Pierre Leclerc Photography Beautiful and colorful mountains, trees and scenery reflected in the Lakes of La Mauricie National Park in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Visit Website gallery for prints: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/la+mauricie+national+park/all Fall, Autumn, foliage, season, colors, leaves, reflection, lake, nature, wilderness, landscape, mountains, la mauricie, National Park, Quebec, Canada, maple trees,

Half A Million Visitors Thank You

Vancouver, BC - October 15th, 2014

I have reached a new Milestone on my website today! Over 500 000 visitors! Thank you for visiting, buying prints and for all your support, comments and likes! http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Autumn Photos

Vancouver, BC - October 11th, 2014

I am just back from a photography trip to the east coast in peak Autumn colors with new images in my photo galleries for sale new images: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/pierre-leclerc.html?tab=artwork

Tropical Photography

Vancouver, BC - May 18th, 2014

I am just back from a photography adventure to the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii. Maui is my paradise, i love exploring and discovering new hidden locations. Have a look at my new photos of this enchanted place: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/maui/all

3000 Th Images Uploaded

Vancouver, BC - December 4th, 2013

Pierre Leclerc Photography just uploaded his 3000th image! Visit his website! Order on time before the Christmas shipping deadline. Choose from a wide selection of images, from a greeting card, rolled in a tube print, framed print, canvas, acrylic or metal print, send the gift of art this Holiday season.

In Time For Christmas

Vancouver, BC - November 12th, 2013

With Christmas just around the corner, don't wait until the last minute to get your gifts. Pierre Leclerc Photography has nearly 3000 images to choose from! and make ideal gifts for Christmas! Send beautiful Fine art cards to your loved ones or send them a print, a canvas, framed print, acrylic print, metal print and even I-phone covers. They can be shipped anywhere in the world with a 30 day money back guarantee. Visit Pierre Leclerc Photography's galleries: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Just Back From A Photography Adventure

Vancouver, BC - November 12th, 2013

Pierre is just back from a recent photography adventure with new fine art photography for sale My first adventure was Death Valley National Park. We arrived in Vegas in the afternoon then that same evening drove to Death Valley. I took photos until 3:00 am trying to catch the milky way at Badwater. After a few hours of sleep in the car, i woke up at 5:30 am to watch sunrise at Zabriskie point. The landscape there is just unreal. I spent the afternoon walking in the Mesquite sand dunes, such an incredible feeling of being alone in these ginormous dunes surrounded by mountains. Before catching the last sunlight at Badwater, i stopped at Artist pallette, a very scenic drive with colorful mountains like i have never seen before. My second adventure was to Zion National Park. I was hoping to catch the Autumn colors at their peak but i was a few days late. they had a freeze a few day...

A Beautiful Autumn Day In Whistler, New Artwork By Pierre Leclerc Photography

Vancouver, BC - October 23rd, 2013

A beautiful Autumn day in Whistler, New artwork by Pierre Leclerc Photography

Amazing Autumn Photographs By Pierre Leclerc Photography

Vancouver, BC - September 30th, 2013

Amazing new Autumn photographs by Pierre Leclerc Photography available as prints, canvas, framed prints, acrylic prints, metal prints Please visit: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/ Follow Pierre on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pierre.Leclerc.Photography

Colorful Fine Art

Vancouver, BC - April 20th, 2013

Beautiful and colorful fields of tulips surrounded by snow capped mountains in Agassiz, BC. Great as greeting cards or colorful fine art canvas for your home! Visit my gallery to see new art work: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Colorful Fine Art

Vancouver, BC - April 20th, 2013

Beautiful and colorful fields of tulips surrounded by snow capped mountains in Agassiz, BC. Great as greeting cards or colorful fine art canvas for your home! Visit my gallery to see new art work: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

New Fine Art Gallery Beautiful British Columbia

Vancouver, BC - March 21st, 2013

A new Fine art photography gallery entitled "Beautiful British Columbia" by Pierre Leclerc Photography: www.pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/beautiful+british+columbia/all Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pierre.Leclerc.Photography

Winter Wonderland

Vancouver, BC - January 14th, 2013

Beautiful winter landscape fine art photography taken in Whistler Resort, British Columbia, Canada Visit the Whistler Galley: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/whistler/all Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pierre.Leclerc.Photography

New Black And White Fine Art Photography

Vancouver, BC - January 7th, 2013

New Black and White Fine Art photography available in my galleries. http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/black+and+white+/all

Most Sold Photo

Vancouver, BC - December 21st, 2012

The Cliffs of Moher Has been my best selling image This Holiday season. Visit my Top 10 most sold photos : http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/top+10+selling+photos/all Happy Holidays! from Pierre Leclerc Photography

New Work Uploaded

Vancouver, BC - December 11th, 2012

New Artwork available from my National park photography road trips please visit: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com

Special Offer For The Holidays

Vancouver, BC - December 2nd, 2012

Now is a great time to order greeting cards for your family and friends for the holidays!. Choose from a wide range of photos! The first 25 people will receive $1 off Greeting cards with this Discount Code: XBHFLK Follow this link: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com

New Work Uploaded

Vancouver, BC - December 1st, 2012

I am just back from a photography road trip on the east coast of USA and Canada, visiting Shenandoah, Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, Congaree and La Mauricie National Park. New work available on my galleries: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

New Work Uploaded

Pemberton, BC - August 18th, 2012

I was recently on a photography road trip where i visited several National parks on the west coast. Beautiful scenic landscapes photos are now available on my gallery http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/

Unique And Un-usual Phenomenon At Crater Lake

Pemberton, BC - August 9th, 2012

I was on a photography road trip when i came upon this scene at Crater Lake National Park. A unique and un-usual giant swirl of pollen had formed on the deep blue water of the lake. A spectacular sight that i feel lucky to have witnessed. Please visit my online galleries for more photos of Crater Lake National Park: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/art/all/crater+lake+national+park/all

Olympic National Park

Pemberton, BC - August 2nd, 2012

I am back from a recent photography road trip. My first stop was the very lush and green rain forest of Olympic National park. Please visit my online galleries at: http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com/featured/marymere-falls-in-olympic-national-park-pierre-leclerc.html


Pemberton, BC - February 10th, 2012

*****SPECIAL OFFER***** 25% OFF ANY OF MY PRINTS offer available for a week and on limited quantity Promotional code is LTNYMK http://pierre-leclerc.artistwebsites.com

Rare Sight

Pemberton, BC - January 11th, 2012

Every four years, Snowy owls come to Boundary bay, Vancouver. I always wanted to get photos of this beautiful bird of prey in the wild.