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Art Dealer Choice

Art Dealer Choice

This gallery presents a mixture of works by prominent artists - some of them already world famous, some of them gaining recognition. All of them present a great investment opportunity. We have usually only a single painting by each artists so we decided to put them together in this gallery.

Wieslaw Walkuski - Cornucopia

Cornucopia by Wieslaw Walkuski

Jakub Jacques Zucker  - Mediterranean Cafe

Mediterranean Cafe by Jakub Jacques Zucker

Zdzislaw Beksinski  - Untitled HO

Untitled HO by Zdzislaw Beksinski

Jadwiga Jehudith Sobel - Still Life

Still Life by Jadwiga Jehudith Sobel

Jadwiga Jehudith  Sobel  - Landscape from City Island

Landscape from City Island by Jadwiga Jehudith Sobel

Wieslaw Walkuski  - Witkacjada 1995

Witkacjada 1995 by Wieslaw Walkuski

Jerzy Nowosielski - Sitting Nude

Sitting Nude by Jerzy Nowosielski

Wieslaw Walkuski - Vanitas

Vanitas by Wieslaw Walkuski

Jan Lebenstein - Axial figure No 74

Axial figure No 74 by Jan Lebenstein

Jan Lebenstein - Axial Figure

Axial Figure by Jan Lebenstein

Henryk Musialowicz - from the series Landscape

from the series Landscape by Henryk Musialowicz

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 11