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Positive Thoughts By Jennifer Lamanca Kaufman

Roanoke, VA - January 20th, 2013

Positive Thought can quickly change your mood, mindset and life course. It's tough to argue against the power of positive thinking. A multitude of studies, data and anecdotal evidence supports the notion that optimists experience less stress, stronger immune systems and overall better health than their Debby Downer counterparts. But it's not always easy to look on the bright side -- in our overbooked and over-connected lives, getting caught up in a cycle of worry, anxiety and negative thoughts is a norm in many of our lives. One of the many wonderful things about positive thinking is that anyone can acquire it with a little motivation and a sense of humor (and perhaps a daily scroll or picture on your wall). Share one of the many "Positive Thoughts" written on one of my many photographs taken from around the world. Focus on the meaning of the "Positive Thought" and share the energy ...

Peaceful Meditation Rocks

Roanoke, VA - January 20th, 2013

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. When the mind is silent, concentration is increased and we experience inner peace in the midst of worldly turmoil. This elusive inner peace is what attracts so many people to meditation and is a quality everyone can benefit from. Meditation is a time-honored technique that can take you into infinite dimensions of consciousness. It is a simple effort that becomes effortless as we do it more and more. One major principle to meditation is the ability to completely quiet your mind. Quieting the mind comes as a result of meditating over a long period of time, but any time you are looking within, you are meditating. Meditation helps us live a healthier, less stressful life. The physical and psychological benefits are wonderful and many people meditate only for those reasons. The practice of meditation helps us temporarily let the physical world ...

Anguilla - My Favorite Caribbean Island

Roanoke, VA - January 5th, 2013

A warm and welcoming island destination tucked away in the northern Caribbean. Embraced by unrivaled white beaches and breathtaking turquoise seas, Anguilla is casual and easy, a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance, and the best of the good life set to a slow and casual island tempo. Anguilla is an experience that captivates it's visitors and creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Anguilla has 33 pristine and nearly private beaches. Every beach we visited had beautiful white powdery sand and crystal blue water. So picturesque it's breath taking. No matter which beach you choose you are sure to find a local beach shack or restaurant serving up the islands delicious cuisine, and don't forget to order the drink special "Rum Punch". Here are some of my favorite pictures from our favorite beaches. MEADS BAY is one of the islandís truly pristine s...

The Roanoke Star By Jennifer Lamanca Kaufman

Roanoke, VA - January 5th, 2013

The Roanoke Star, also known as the Mill Mountain Star, is the world's largest freestanding illuminated man-made star, constructed in 1949 at the top of Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia. It was the largest star ever assembled until the El Paso Star was completed in El Paso, Texas. However, the Mill Mountain Star still holds the claim to world's largest illuminated man-made free-standing star, as the El Paso Star lies flat on the ground. After construction of the star, Roanoke was nicknamed "Star City of the South". It's visible for 60 miles from the air and it sits 1,045 feet above the city of Roanoke. The Mill Mountain Star is 88.5 feet tall with 2,000 feet of neon tubing. It requires 17,500 watts of power to illuminate the neon tubes, so it puts out a pleasant little hum. Roy C. Kinsey of Kinsey Sign Company built the neon tubes with his three sons Roy Jr., Bob, and Warren. It was...

The Humpback Bridge By Jennifer Lamanca Kaufman

Roanoke, VA - December 26th, 2012

This picture was taken a few months ago when the Humpback Bridge in Covington, VA was added to the list of National Historical Landmarks. Currently there are only 2,527 designated national historic landmarks and 592 national natural landmark sites across the country that bear this national distinction. Built in 1857, Humpback Bridge crosses Dunlap Creek in Alleghany County, Virginia and is among the most historically significant and intact examples of a 19th-century covered bridge surviving in the United States. It is the best surviving example of a timber multiple-kingpost truss, the design used for some of the earliest covered bridges in America. The bridge's heavily-cambered design means that it was built higher in the middle than on either end (leading to its name as the Humpback Bridge), presumably to give the bridge greater clearance above potential flooding, a regular ...

Limited Time Promotion - Postcard Perfect

Roanoke, VA - December 26th, 2012

Postcard Perfect Canvas Print by Jennifer Lamanca Kaufman Purchase a 36.00" x 24.00" stretched canvas print of Jennifer Lamanca Kaufman's Postcard Perfect for the promotional price of: $99 This picture was taken on the beautiful island of Anguilla (located across from Saint Martin in the BVI). While enjoying one of the 33, nearly private beaches I saw this "Postcard Perfect" shot of the beach chairs and umbrellas on Meades Bay. I hope you enjoy it too! This stretched canvas is beautiful in any room. I have it on my hall bath and everyone loves it!