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R Johnson - Artist

About R Johnson

Learn more about R Johnson from BEVERLY HILLS, CA - United States.

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R Johnson was born in a log cabin, almost. His family came across a small house filled with dust in Wyoming after moving from Nebraska. Not knowing who owned the house, they settled in. When the owner, a one-armed man from Indiana, finally came out the family at first paid $7 per month rent. RJ's older brother used a shovel to scoop out the dirt in the house, and the owner used a hoe to clear out the tumbleweeds because he was afraid they would catch fire and burn the house down. The family later purchased the house and made extensive improvements over the years.

In high school his teachers recognized his talent as an artist and recommended he go on to college. He did and achieved a master's degree specializing in fine art, including painting, sculpture, and ceramics. He later studied printmaking at Otis in Los Angeles, and computer graphics at UCLA.

RJ is proud to offer his artwork to you here, and he wishes the best to all artists who are struggling to survive and create.

R Johnson joined Fine Art America on December 1st, 2011.