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Robyn Louisell - Artist

About Robyn Louisell

Learn more about Robyn Louisell from Independence, MO - United States.

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Art Approach: Love to sketch with charcoals on paper, pastels on paper, and paint with acrylics on canvas panels and regular studio canvas. Have insomnia sometimes and when painting in the middle of the night will sign a sideways 69 next to my signature. I have never had any formal art instruction. I don't like to get caught up in a particular style, because to me that is like producing art with a 'cookie cutter'. I will not be confined to any particular style. I have my own developed sense of what I wish to paint and how. I love Georgia O'Keefe, Grandma Moses, Alex Grey and Andy Warhol. They follow their own artist approaches and that is what I think makes the soul of an artist, what compels them to create. Essentially the 'drive shaft' to their 'gear boxes' of thought to create. The primitive style is my favorite.

My statement: I like chalk pastels on paper and acrylic on canvas the most. I really enjoy abstract and surrealism. I am not afraid to paint what I feel. I paint from my experiences, from interaction with people and from my dreams. I am not sure if I can be compared to any other artist, because I've been told that I listen to my own beat of the drummer when I create. If you ask me what I think about something or someone, it just may be answered on paper or canvas. All original pieces of my work I sign a certificate of authenticity to go with the original. I do not with Giclee. I am not a big fan of those that steal my style. Which with any collector would be an apprehensive situation. I don't condone those that steal my style. I guess that is where copyright comes in.

I've never shown locally in my immediate area. I have never had anybody or any place to ask me or make available a way to show my work in my area, however, I have shown my work in the Miami Area. Gallery 101 has shown my work in the past 2 years. It has been difficult for me to even think of trying to show locally because I have had to work through the re-building of my childhood home which was struck my lightening and help my mom get through the rebuild. I currently do not have any works on display anywhere at this time. If I do find a place to display current works publicly I will update with location information.

I did expand into making jewelry as a tool to expand my ideas for my color palette. I do have some listed over on Etsy.com/robyneggart if anyone wishes to view my work there.

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Robyn Louisell joined Fine Art America on November 25th, 2010.