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Rake Art Gallery is Located on the out skirts of Portland's China Town, on the Everett Lofts block, the home of 16 galleries, where Rake housesa 2500 sq. ft. space with two gallery show rooms.   Rake Art Gallery's mission is to build itself as a vehicle for furthering the evolution of our society.   We approach this through the arts, using the language of art as a means of communication, education, and cultural cultivation.   It is our goal to touch the myriad of minds that makes up our societies, We utilize a docturin of inter diciplinary art forms to present opportunities for everyone from the...more
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May 2007

Portland, OR - February 8th, 2007

2nd A N N U A L E X C H A N G E EX H I B I T I O N "Time and Space of Oil and Ink Painting" From May 1-31, 2007, at Rake Art Gallery, Portland, OR, USA, in association with Shandong YuanYuan Art Center, Shandong Province, P. R. China, sponsored by Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland State University, Sedition Magazine, Tri-met, and with support from the City of Portland, we will jointly host a painting exhibition entitled "Time and Space of Oil and Ink Painting," which will be the 2nd annual International Exhibition of China-US Painters. There will be lectures followed by demonstrations of traditional ink brush painting. Times to be listed on the websit. On April 27, 2006, the 1st annual International Exhibition of China-US Painters entitled "Time and Space of Oil and Ink Painting" sponsored by Shandong YuanYuan Art Center was successfully in Ch...

April 2007

Portland, OR - February 8th, 2007

More info to come: In Recognition of Photo Lucida Rake Gallery is proud to host a group Photography show featuring photography from a wide spectrum of philosophies. They will present contemporary abstraction, collage, traditional still life, and staging. The exhibiting photographers are Jenny Konopinski, Adam Satushek, Ross Sawyer, Ruth Bernhard, Rebecca Steel and Joshua Kim. This Exhibition will be co-curated by Jeremy Tucker and Joshua Kim. Dates and times to come

March 07

Portland, OR - February 8th, 2007

"The Andy Warhol Bar Code Project" By Dane Wilson and "All Day Snacking" A Juried Group Exhibition With Guest Curators: Nickolaus Typaldos and Jhordan Dahl First Thursday Opening Reception: March 1st, from 6-10 PM Show will run March 1st - 31st Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 2-8 Sat 12-8 "The Andy Warhol Bar Code Project" Portland resident Dane Wilson has developed a series of landscape paintings inspired, by the ubiquity of bar codes and forest settings. In the Artist's Words: " The Andy Warhol Bar Code Project provides me with the structural and conceptual link to continue my exploration of lush landscape paintings that subtly and secretly speak to our mass produced consumer culture, technology in our society, and popular culture in contemporary art. Contacts: Nickolaus Typaldos 503.888.8086 ntypaldos@gmail.com Jhordan Dahl 503.984.6896 jhor...

Feb 07

Portland, OR - February 8th, 2007

"Things of Precious Measure and Consequence" by Sarah Cruse and "Re-freshing Play" By Rachel J.Siegel First Thursday Opening Reception: February 1st, from 6-10 PM Show will run Feb1st - 24Th Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 2-8 Sat 12-8 "Things of Precious Measure and Of Consequence" Sarah Cruse's poignant series of paintings set a contemplative tone. Themes of deconstructing old patterns, and the struggle to redefine and balance ones' emotions are central to her paintings. Originally from Indiana, Sarah Cruse, is a recent Graduate of Portland State University with a B.S. in Painting and Drawing. She has had numerous solo and group shows in Portland since moving here 1999. Of her work, Sarah states: "My paintings are usually acrylic, sometimes oil, figurative or representational, with a good dose of abstract expressionistic influence." "Re-freshing Play" B...