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Rami Besancon - Artist

Rami Besancon

Learn more about Rami Besancon from Houston, TX - United States.

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Was born in France - Besançon and grow up in an artistic family. Father who paints, sings, writs poets, plays guitar professionally in addition to his being doctor. other family members, from poet, musician, painters, decorate designers.
In France he took his first art feeding, and father who encouraged from early childhood to draw and oil paint small to large scales.
Then moved to Iraq - Baghdad with the family where he continued his education and painting. He participated in several fine art exhibitions around Baghdad. He was inspired by the traditions and culture he experienced in Iraq. 100's years old Churches and Mosques, old buildings, religious icons and the strong cultural orientation of the society were all inspiring.
He studied and obtained his BSc and Masters in engineering in Al-Nahrain University, then moved to the UK to live and continue his higher education. He migrated to the UK because of the war and the crises in Iraq.
He then moved to the United States, Texas, for family reasons.
'When I work on my painting, I live in it, when I sketch, I feel I'm inside that place and just record what I see on the canvas and get a detail just right on the painting and this what motivates me'.
I CAN DO any painting whether like the presented ones or any new figures according to YOUR ORDER.

Rami Besancon joined Fine Art America on June 26th, 2013.