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Reid Callaway - Artist

About Reid Callaway

Learn more about Reid Callaway from Athens, GA - United States.

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HisWorks Photography....

The Bible says, 'Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.' Proverbs 27:2.

My photography began over 50 years ago using simple cameras and gear and gradually moving on to better cameras, gear, photo software and computers. I love the outdoors, fishing, camping and hunting but most of ALL photography. I have evolved into a freelance, fine art photographer producing artwork in many Award-Winning categories from portraits to landscapes while specializing in High Dynamic Range Photography. I have lived in Georgia for most of my life except for a short time in Vietnam, Miami, and both the islands of Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii. I now live in Athens, Georgia.

I pray that you will see clearer the world around you thru 'HisWorks Photography' lenses. The Lord has blessed me to be in some pretty incredible places, to capture beautiful images, according to 'The Plan' He has for me, that is, of course, farther down the road of life than my eyes can possibly see! To GOD be ALL the Glory for what He has produced thru HisWorks Photography! May you find something here within HisWorks Photography to beautify your home, office or as a gift for someone you love.

For information on my availability for freelance assignments or 2 year website usage contracts($100 per image for 2 years)(Example: StayTybee.com), please contact: Reid Callaway, HisWorks Photography, 355 Jennings Mill Pkwy Apt 1015, Athens, GA 30606 or Email: reid777@att.net, Call or Text me at: 706.347.0625.

Please note: Images purchased will be produced by the prestigious and internationally respected printing facilities of Fine Art America and will be of the finest quality. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

The Fine Art America watermark will NOT appear on any of the images you purchase here.

What is HDR Photography?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography captivates viewers through its bedazzling attention to details and its stunning array of colors. Rich and beautiful images created using HDR techniques directly responds to the age old problem of not being able to record what the eye can see. HDR overcomes this limitation and more.

The problem originates in the real world. The dynamic range of what the eye can see across the visible light spectrum is enormous. Our eyes see the entire range from deep shadow to bright highlight and everything in between. Capturing that range on film or using a digital sensor presents one with an efficiency problem. Film, digital sensors and the techniques for printing not to mention computer monitors, are simply not up to the task of capturing detail across a wide dynamic range. HDR photography changed all that forever. Photographers using HDR techniques are now able to capture light across the widest dynamic range with relative ease. High dynamic range photography refers to the ability to capture light across all or most of the dynamic range of the scene being photographed. HDR is accomplished by exposing from 3 to 7 bracketed exposures across a range of f-stops and/or shutter speeds and then recombining those exposures into a single merged image which now reflects exposures made for highlights, midtones as well as shadows.
Every bracketed image contributing to a finished HDR image inputing important information about the image being created. Underexposed images contribute to highlight detail while overexposed images provide information about the shadows. When combined, the bracketed exposures produce an hdr file that contains all of the information necessary to produce the hdr image. A second step, often referred to as tone mapping, converts the hdr file into a usable image that may then be saved as a TIFF or JPEG file. The tone mapped image is the one that is most useful when we print an HDR image. The tone mapped image displays the full range of color and detail in both the shadow areas and the highlight areas while holding the mid-tones true and rich.

All Rights Reserved by Reid Callaway. All photographs on this web site are fully protected by Canadian, U.S. and international copyright laws.
Copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling any image without the prior written consent of the artist Reid Callaway is strictly prohibited and subject to any and all legal remedies. Copyright does not transfer with purchase of products.

Reid Callaway joined Fine Art America on June 1st, 2013.