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Rick Bartrand - Artist

About Rick Bartrand

Learn more about Rick Bartrand from Tustin, MI - United States.

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When behind the Camera / Lens, I try to Exhaust every possible angle, Ignore all distractions, & Shut everything else out that hinders the photograph that I'm trying to capture. Even if it takes 100 shots to get 'The One'.
Of course, that is not possible with every one but, at least, that is the goal.

I have been interested in Photography, (or at least 'taking pictures') since my pre-teen era, when film was the popular option, and my lighting source was just a cute little flash cube.
I spent the majority of my time just randomly snapping off photos, not worrying about the trivial things like, you know..., focus or lighting. Just did it for the fun of it all.
It wasn't until I gave up some of my hard earned income on my first, semi-pro, film camera, that I decided to go beyond the 'point and shoot' habit that I had developed earlier. I still didn't get serious about 'Photography' until just a few years ago when I upgraded my 20-year-old film camera for a higher end digital camera.
I, then, started attending the 'University of YouTube' (Self-teaching from the eyes of the guru's on the internet) and making assignments for myself, from the knowledge I just learned.
I consider myself a 'perpetual novice', only because I like challenging myself to never stop learning. Reason being, when it gets to the point, that I think, I know it all, and 'I am now a 'professional', I may be tempted to stop learning and let arrogance creep in, which in turn will backfire.
So I will let every individual either like my work or not based on their own personal preferences, & even that doesn't really matter to me, because if you do what you love, then who is anyone to judge.
If you like my work... Great... If not... Great there too, you can't please everyone.
Believe that the Creator of life made you 'who you are', everything else is just an opinion.

Rick Bartrand joined Fine Art America on January 1st, 2014.