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Robert Kernodle Introduces New Digital Art Series Industrial Grunge

Greensboro, NC - June 1st, 2016

Robert G. Kernodle has recently compiled a new series of digital art that romanticizes crude levers, pipes, gears, and rusty beams, which seem more intimate with humanity, compared to the sleek, clean, extremely calculated forms of modern technology. His re-editing of old black-and-white photos highlights one of humanity's most creative phases of existence, embodying feats of ingenuity that somehow had greater tangibility than industrial fixtures of the current era. Kernodle's new series, ... INDUSTRIAL GRUNGE ... beckons to this seemingly greater tangibility of early industry, further exaggerating it through ragged, idealized colorizations that do NOT strive for historical accuracy, but rather strive for a more abstract emotional feel for earlier times.

Robert Kernodle Premiers Beautiful Gallery Of Duvet Bedding Covers

Greensboro, NC - March 21st, 2015

A quilt or comforter on a bed can be like a painting on a wall, and this is the idea behind a new gallery of designs by Robert G. Kernodle, who has created a series of eyecatching images specifically designed to be decorative prints on duvet covers. A duvet is similar to a quilt or comforter, but it has a changeable covering, like a large pillow case that zips on an off. Kernodle has premiered his duvet covers at, where anyone can order from his gallery of twenty-five different designs . His gallery is named DUVET. BEDDING. COVERS. Themes of his designs range from vintage flower ornaments to galaxies overlayed with alien technology blueprints. Christian themes, Eastern themes, abstract, as well as classical forms are all part of his unique collection. His duvet covers come in standard sizes, including Queen, Full, King, and Twin sizes. Like prints hanging as ... Has Arrived

Greensboro, NC - November 24th, 2014

Extraterrestrial landscapes, fluid flowscapes, and digital fantasyscapes are just a few of the interesting art prints available at, the new domain name of artist, Robert G. Kernodle. Hosted by, Kernodle's website continues the goal of one of today's largest art dealers to make fine art available worldwide through easy, secure online ordering that carries a 100% money-back guarantee. Kernodle's art images are products of his various life experiences that range from a one-time love affair with science, to a flirtation with professional dance, to an ultimate revolt against formal educational institutions that led him to a decade-long self-education in drawing, painting, and photography.

Christian Art Premiers At

Greensboro, NC - December 26th, 2012

Three, new, Christian art images are now available at These images feature famous Christian words blended into digital collages of beautiful colors that make striking visual AND verbal statements about one of the world's great religions. Preview all three images in their applications to posters, greeting cards, framed art prints, and canvas gallery wraps in artist Robert Kernodle's CHRISTIAN INSPIRATIONS gallery.

Kernodle Amazing Abstracts At Fineartamerica - Visions Not Of This Universe

Greensboro, NC - July 6th, 2012

"Spectacular Assemblages - Visions Not Of This Universe" by artist Robert G. Kernodle are super-sized, museum-quality, gallery-wrap fine art canvas prints now available to decorators, interior designers, and art lovers worldwide. Fluidism artist, Robert G. Kernodle, has taken a bold new direction by creating what are arguably some of the most fascinating abstract artworks currently available to decorators, interior designers and art lovers around the globe. Anybody, anywhere in the world has easy, secure internet access to buy these remarkable additions to Kernodle's body of artworks. Designed for pure visual pleasure, with a strong committment to the idea of "beauty", "Spectacular Assemblages" are multi-media fusions of painting, photography, digital manipulation, and high-quality printing. Colors are vibrant; lines are intricate; patterns are complex and defined. Composition...

Beautiful New 2012 FLUIDISM Wall Calendar Features Fineartamerica Images

Greensboro, NC - November 11th, 2011

With all new images for 2012, "FLUIDISM 2012 The Art Of Dynamic Fluid Photography" wall calendar by Robert G. Kernodle features some of the very same beautiful fluid images displayed in his Fineartamerica galleries. This LARGE wall calendar measures 14" x 22" hanging, as it reveals nature's most primitive beauty in spontaneous, natural patterns. Each month appears as two pages--(1) a top page imprinted with a spectacular, fluid dynamic image, and (2) a bottom page imprinted with a clean, classic calendar grid. A sturdy spiral wire spine binds all, high-quality cardstock pages together in the traditional style. Located at the top-center of each image page is a convenient hanger hole that allows the calendar to suspend securely all year long from a single, small nail or hook. This top-notch publication is both decorative and functional, "the perfect, hassle-free gift for people of all...

FLUIDISM Art Has A Stunning New Appearance At Fineartamerica

Greensboro, NC - October 28th, 2011

FLUIDISM The Art Of Dynamic Fluid Photography has just received a face lift at the website community of artists, photographers, gallery owners, and collectors. Artist, Robert G. Kernodle, who originated using the word, "fluidism", to describe such artworks, recently revamped his entire portfolio to improve appearances of his universally-appealing images. Twelve eye-catching, nearly-square presentations of his photographic fluidism are now newly available as fine art canvases and as framed, fine art paper prints. Separate, greeting-card-proportioned versions of these same twelve images are also available as blank greeting cards that can be customized with personal messages by those who order them. Kernodle's canvases, prints, and cards are availabe for easy, secure, online ordering, with a Fineartamerica money-back guarantee.