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Rooma Mehra From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rooma Mehra (born 24 January 1967) is an Indian poet, painter, sculptor, freelance newspaper writer[1][2][3] and a columnist for the Indian Express. Contents 1 Career 2 Selected publications 3 References 4 External links Mehra is a self-taught artist with a social conscience, who has had 11 solo shows[4] of her paintings, reliefs and sculptures. Her artworks are found in private and permanent collections including the National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi][5] Lalit Kala Akademi[6] New Delhi, Arte Antica Gallery,[7] Canada, and individual collections in Switzerland,the USA, Denmark, Austria the UK, Spain, the U.A.E. and Japan. Mehra's art has been referred to as a new art[8] She expresses humanitarianism[9][10] in her works of art as well as her writing.[11] Mehra has done voluntary teaching work for the sight-impaired at the Blind Relief Association [12] and the [SOS Children's Villages of India] (Christian Children's Fund) A compilation of her newspaper travel articles was translated by Mehra into the German language and published digitally, entitled Das ausländische Stück des Grases in 2008. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Excerpts from Art Reviews and Write-ups by Art Critics Things that fade, that cannot easily be caught and pinned down are Mehra’s concern, as of any devoted artist who knows that to seek is all. Keshav Malik in The Times of India There must be something common between painting, sculpture, poetry and music, so many painters write poetry, so many poets can also play some musical instrument or the other or sing. One of them is Rooma Mehra. - Khushwant Singh in his MALICE column on Rooma Mehra in THE HINDUSTAN TIMES. Rooma’s works reveal the products of a mind which in its ultimate imaginative reach is capable of finding itself wherever it looks even though it marks within, its own divisive strengths. There is a sense of visual victory, as one perceives these works. Rooma’s is a fertile mind rich in the aspects of intricately and exquisitely enriched cognitive details. Rooma’s works invite an inexorable condition in which the intricacies are not to be revealed in the experience of the condition. Its quality is felt in the richness of the ambient which engages the imagination with a wide range of tactile visual incident. Rooma’s paintings evoke a splendor that must have existed below the thin white sheen of the canvas she touched. In the stillness of all else around you listen to these paintings – as they weave their way through the crest of melody. For Rooma perhaps it is the inevitable that colour should be used with a fervent relish. In her deliberation to personalize or depersonalize she has also set a stage for a creative art. -'ROOMA’S RESONANCE’ BY UMA NAIR Rooma's Art is revolutionising in the sense that it emphasizes more on the happening. She touches the very core of personalities through her tantalizing and balanced shades. - 'A HAPPY BLEND OF WATERCOLOURS' by Vijay Bhushan Rooma Mehra is a young artist who combines in her person both poetry and painting. It is a rare combination, but a strong one. What is significant is that she makes effective statements both literally as well as visually. Rooma’s works with a sure hand and a lot of thinking goes into her work. That is why she knows what she is doing and what exactly she wants from the medium. It will be interesting to watch her next stage in both painting and in poetry. For she is a progressive artist and poet.. -'WITH A SURE HAND' by R.S.Yadav Within the tradition of a synthesis of art forms and artists is an increasingly popular artist, Rooma Mehra. A self-taught painter and a poetess of repute, her watercolours are currently on display. Rooma has chosen to work within the paradigm of the universal shunning the obvious 'Indian' imagery. - 'NOT OF IMAGERY ALONE’ by Seema Bawa in THE PIONEER Her strength lies in her sensitive faces as well as in her use of colours. Mehra has made skillful use of the medium of watercolours, exploiting both its dreamy, vapour-like quality as well as its rich colours and hues. -'SERENE DREAMSCAPES’ by Bharati Chaturvedi in the INDIAN EXPRESS Rooma’s works exude secretiveness and a magical charm. You must believe in magic, if you want to prod this unknown terrain. - ‘ROOMA MEHRA’S ART: ‘PRODDING AN UNKNOWN TERRAIN’by Narendra Dixit (the then Director of the LALIT KALA AKADEMI’S ARTIST’S STUDIOS) IN Sunday Reading of 'The Tribune' Among the sculptors, Rooma Mehra holds an important place with her mural-like pieces. She interweaves imagery with a philosophical bent to life. In the modern context, her art is highly evocative and innovative. And the general effect is that of relief sculpture. -'PROGRESSIVE TRENDS’ by V. SHAW reviewing the 62nd Annual All India Art Exhibition organized by the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society. Rooma belongs to the new generation and as her duty demand, she has a record to show a total involvement with her subject. She is an artist who finds her platform step by step. Her growth in the field has been evident for a strong work base - 'GLIMPSE OF PRESENT-DAY OBJETS D’ART’ from the Art Review of THE NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF ART The familiar idiom of brush and colour, used to express familiar emotions, but the style in which Rooma Mehra expresses them truly distinguishes them. - RATNOTTAMA SENGUPTA in THE TIMES OF INDIA If the viewer goes through the paintings of Rooma Mehra, he will find a tragic sense of life deeply etched in the background of every painting. Looking at her paintings, no one would doubt the reality of the disquiet in her soul. -'PAINTER’S DISQUIET IN SOUL’ in THE INDIAN EXPRESS After seeing her paintings, the predominant feeling that one has is that she is in search of an incomprehensible and invisible truth – a longing for which is reflected in all her paintings. 'ROOMA MEHRA’S WORLD OF ART’ IN NAVBHARAT TIMES As a poetess and composer of many published pieces, Rooma views painting as having strong affinity with poetry. One expresses in the unsaid manner and the other in the said word. 'FULFILLING A NEED’ in THE HINDUSTAN TIMES Rooma Mehra’s multi-faceted personality cast a woman in bronze entitled 'Prayer' to remind the sacrifices made by the martyrs. Conglomeration of forms and rough textures are found so often in the art of Rooma. -IN TRIBUTE TO MARTYRS’ by VIJAY BHUSHAN Commenting on an exhibition organized by GARHI ARTISTS COMMUNITY FOR KARGIL MARTYRS at Lalit Kala Akademi A very intense but muted angst permeates the Shridharani Gallery - a feeling of trauma and suffering runs through Mehra's work. 'COMMENDABLE' by the Art Critic, THE HINDU Great grip on portraiture, on capturing emotion minimally! - by Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Culture Columnist and eminent Dance Critic. Rooma Mehra's has been an aware and active participation in Contemporary Art for the past few years.

Rooma Mehra joined Fine Art America on October 27th, 2007.