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Rooma Mehra - Fine Artist

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Rooma Mehra Chosen Artist Of The Day By Famous Los Angeles Curator Dulce Stein

Huntington Park, Ca - December 19th, 2015

Rooma Mehra chosen Artist of the Day by famous Los Angeles Curator Dulce Stein

The Wrighter Reviews The Storm Is Over Art By Rooma Mehra

New Delhi, De - October 26th, 2013

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2013 The Wrighter Reviews: "The Storm is Over" - art by Rooma Mehra by Rooma Mehra This painting was recently created by contemporary artist, Rooma Mehra, who has been interviewed and featured on The Wrighter before (see her works and interview on "Today's Artist: Rooma Mehra"). The title of this piece is called "The Storm is Over." Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This piece looks like the storm just got warmed up and that you're about to pass out holding your breath waiting for this bad boy to be over. I absolutely love Mehra's use of color, the bold in your face contrast against of smoldering shadows, choking the corners of light. It reminds me a lot of a forest fire - not like the ones in the desert by me, but in the woodlands where deer are leaping frantically over logs and down hill following the sounds and smells of a river using dist...

India Resident Rooma Mehra Featured On The Wrighter

New Delhi, De - July 20th, 2012

India Resident Rooma Mehra Featured on The Wrighter “Her style is fluid and colors vibrant echoing her positive attitude. She is not restricted by styles or palette each work reflects her individuality and her perception of the subject.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rooma Mehra PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 19, 2012 - This week, Rooma Mehra is featured on The Wrighter as the blog, created by Kobina Wright, continues to explore the work of contemporary artists and discuss the auctioning of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” The features will continue through the end of August 2012. When asked about her favorite purchase within the past 30 days, Mehra stated, “Day before yesterday, my boy Friday (he looks after my house and my doggie Caesar in my absence) made a painting of Lord Ganesha which I bought. Just love it. And loved the look of happiness on his face even more.” The Wri...

The Wrighter Todays Featured Artist

New Delhi, De - July 20th, 2012

Pin It Tweet TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012 Today's Artist: Rooma Mehra Today’s Featured artist is poet and artist, Room Mehra, who currently lives in India. Today she shares not only her art, but her poetry as well. An artist after my own heart… Scream by Rooma Mehra Sometimes the best sound the ear can hear is silence… And then Sometimes it is not because sometimes silence speaks volumes of what was kinder …unheard… And while such volumes are indeed wiser ..heard.. this perishable humanity would be better off with kindness that stems from courageous anger than wisdom born of disillusionment and cynicism. So, thank you, dear Lord, for those umpteen bystanders who stand and stare in silence because they understand so well what is good And what is bad ..for them...


New Delhi, De - July 20th, 2012

Rooma Mehra is an artist who has faith in the power of nature, God and positive energy of life. "Expect a miracle. Have faith and hope. Because night is darkest just before dawn.. and you or I do not hold the brush that colors the night and the day. Just expect to wake up to one miracle morning, as an unreasonably happy person. It will happen inevitably when you have reached the end of your tether. When God and peace have begun to appear like bleak dreams that only fools believe in. Dream of that morning, it will come." This artist statement elucidates her beliefs. This belief resonates in Mehra's works, whether it is her paintings, drawings or sculptures. Her style is fluid and colors vibrant echoing her positive attitude. She is not restricted by styles or palette each work reflects her individuality and her perception of the subject. The artist lives and works in Delhi. ...