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Sacha Grossel - Artist

Sacha Grossel

Learn more about Sacha Grossel from Sydney, NSW - Australia.

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Sacha Grossel is a watercolour artist from Sydney, Australia. She has been painting and selling her paintings to local and overseas buyers for around ten years. She is known for her contemporary use of watercolour to create bright, colourful, light filled paintings. She enjoys watercolour for the effects it can create in the depiction of light, colour and shadow and for its fluidity and unpredictability.

She is interested in painting close focus flowers for the analysis of the shape and colour and the abstraction this can present. Other themes that have interested her over the years have been tropical fruit, koi and Geisha, as these fuel her obsession for depicting vivid colour schemes.

'It's all about colour for me. I tend to paint things in an overly saturated colour scheme and constantly look for subject matter that inspires this approach. Someone described my art once as Pop Art meets Botanical Art and I think this description fits quite well...'

All of her original artworks are done on best quality Arches 300gsm medium watercolour paper using artist quality paints. Some of her originals are still for sale and are listed here on FAA.

More examples of her work can be seen on her website www.sachagrosselart.com

Sacha Grossel joined Fine Art America on July 16th, 2014.