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Sharon DeLaCruz - Artist

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About the Artist Sharon DeLaCruz is an international Artist based in Chicago, whose work and accomplishments include Fine Art illustrations and Fiber Textile Arts.   Ms.   DeLaCruz work is inspired from her personal experiences and by following her dreams and goals in life.   Ms.   DeLaCruz unveiled her wearable art creations to the Public with her Cherry Belle 2010 Scarf Collection, at the One of a Kind Show and Sale at the Chicago Merchandise Mart on December 3-6, 2009.   Ms.   DeLaCruz accomplishments in fine art quilting have earned her many...more
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Feel Like A Celebrity With Exciting Fiber Art Scarves

Chicago, IL - February 27th, 2011

Fashion writer A. Finney of examiner.com quotes Sharon DeLaCruz: "Sharon says her brand of scarves makes the sophisticated consumer feel like a celebrity." This is where art beautifully collides with fashion and ends up being the Sharon DeLaCruz Scarves collection. Chicago designer Sharon DeLaCruz has a degree in fine art and has worked as a fiber artist for many years. She describes herself as an "accidental fashion designer." In 2002, after tripping on a broken sidewalk and sustaining injuries to her neck, arms, and hands, which Sharon described as "uselessly hanging from my side," she did strength training by reaching out for a ball of yarn. While doing these exercises and regaining her strength and mobility, she began to focus on that ball of yarn for a new purpose creating scarves. And, in 2009, she had the first public showing of her scarves, in the Cherry Belle scarf collect...