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Hey guys, Shawn here, and welcome to my page!   I hope you find what you are looking for!   I am always looking to pick the minds of my customers, so if you feel you can think of something I can do in the styles that I do, feel free to send me a message!   Not gonna guarantee I will do it, as I don't do requests, but it might just give me some ideas along similar lines!   You can message me through here or you can contact me at Chronamut@msn.com.   Also if there are any issues with the site - such as orders not going through - PLEASE let me know.   Or...more
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Artist Shawn Dall Debuts Lightbox Series

Hamilton, ON - September 15th, 2014

Shawn Dall is pleased to announce his new Lightbox series - these images are scanned, printed onto velum paper, framed and then backlit with L.E.D.s - there are currently 7 in the series: The Snail Cosmic Solar Fern Flare Cosmic Lifestream Cosmic Alien Eyes Mech Dragon Diamond Ice Crystals Cosmic Heart of the Universe Cosmic Icestream You can view the originals of these in my gallery - and see the lightbox images by clicking the website and viewing the gallery on facebook. You can also see them in person at the listerblock - you can find directions at www.listerarts.ca if interested please email me at shawn@sourcecable.ca in addition any image in my gallery can be made into a lightbox. The lightboxes are currently 16 x 20, custom lightboxes can be made for bigger sizes depending on the image, but the price will go up to compensate for the price of framing. -shawn-

Artist Shawn Dall Debuts New Series Anime Collection

Hamilton, ON - March 6th, 2013

Artist Shawn Dall is proud to exhibit his ever expanding Anime collection - these are all hand-drawn, pencilled or inked, and coloured with watercolours to provide a vivid and colourful result! All these works are original pieces, and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did making them! Some go as far back as highschool :)

Artist Shawn Dall Debuts New Series Halloween Pumpkin Carving Collection

Hamilton, ON - February 4th, 2013

Artist Shawn Dall is proud to exhibit his complete "Halloween Pumpkin Carving" collection - these are all carved by hand meticulously using knives, scissors, chisels and even dremmals! Naturally pumpkin does not last so these images are a testament to the work and effort that went into these brief creations!

Artist Shawn Dall Debuts New Series Cosmic Fractal Collection

Hamilton, ON - January 30th, 2013

Artist Shawn Dall is proud to exhibit his complete "Cosmic" Fractal collection - these are all digitally done with a combination of fractal software and Photoshop with some external elements added and many elements within combined and layered to provide a vivid and colourful result!