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Sherry Harradence - Artist

About Sherry Harradence

Learn more about Sherry Harradence from Mesa, AZ - United States.

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Sherry Harradence

My Purpose (Why):
Despite what had happened to you in the past, you actually are worthy. Your worth and value doesn't come from what you do, or how others see you. You need to learn that you don't need anyone's approval. You can just be yourself and value who you really are.

My Mission (What):
When people allow others to define them, years are lost. Everyone deserves to be loved and valued simply for who they are. They need no one's approval for worthiness comes from within. Their lives have purpose and many meanings.

My Unique Value Proposition (My How):
Painting florals, fruits, landscapes, boats and abstracts and that offer a sense of healing and strength. My flowers start as a budding bloom to full blooming colorful flowers and symbolize the hardships that people have had to overcome and to conquer in their lives. My paintings are a gift that expresses happiness, forgiveness and healings in many ways. Color is therapeutic and sometimes a personal journey and can also lead you to a very peaceful triumphal place.

Target Market (My Who):
Affluent career professionals (ages 35+), who are going through life’s change and can see the power of color. They love Florals, are Nature Enthusiasts, some are Spiritual, Natural Healers, Gardeners, shops at local Nursery, Botanical lovers, grounded by waters, ocean, Lakes and one who wants to create a “Happy Place” by design and color.

While Sherry has had formal training as an artist, her style is fresh and expressive. Her Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oils, Watercolors, Printmaking, Pastel paintings have been published online and in creative arts magazines as well as displayed in Private and Corporate Collections in Canada, UK and the USA. A busy Real Estate Professional as well as an Artist/ Art teacher, Sherry enjoys helping others find their unique artistic expression.

“Life is fragile and we need to not be afraid to live. Learn to trust your inner voice, be kind and nurture yourself and be resilient. Who knows us best...you, so don't let anyone drive your car. Take the ride as your Life is Priceless.'

Stay tuned and working on my Children's Book 'Freckle Face'

Sherry Harradence joined Fine Art America on June 12th, 2012.