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Songs of Thunder Gallery is online only.   All of the works shown in the gallery were created by means of 'Paintbrush' and Adobe Photoshop Elements freehand (or free mouse).   All works are original art; all works were created by Anne V.   Norskog.
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The Rut

September 9th, 2009

Several years ago (1985 to be exact), an absolutely marvelous book came out called, “The Accidental Tourist”, written by Anne Tyler. It was made into a very fine movie. Macon Leary was a guidebook writer but not just any kind of a guidebook. Hi... 

The God Particle

July 30th, 2009

Dan Brown, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Akiva Goldman, and Tom Hanks put together another barnburner of a movie in, “Angels and Demons”. The supporting cast could not be finer. Hans Zimmer carried over the theme Chevaliers du Sangreal from “The ... 

White Roses at Midnite

July 19th, 2009

My latest work.  

Happy Birthday America

June 29th, 2009

Happy Birthday America! 

Chumped and Double Chumped

June 22nd, 2009

According to the Internet, I can get a degree in just about anything I want with little or no investment of time, intelligence, or effort…all it takes is money. Today, offers rolled in on becoming an accountant; veterinary assistant; medical transcr... 

I have become invisible

June 17th, 2009

Somewhere along the line, I have become invisible. Doesn’t really seem possible, considering the amount of space I continue to occupy. But, after considerable study on the matter, being invisible is the only logical conclusion. Just yesterday wh... 


May 15th, 2009

Over in Westport, Washington there is a small store called Jerry’s Shell Shack. Jerry sells a conglomeration of war surplus, exotic shells, Oriental fans, silver jewelry, candy, and wet weather gear. It is not a fancy store. His old dog gre... 

Big Sable Light Station

April 24th, 2009

There are more lighthouses on the Great Lakes than anywhere else. Big Sable has been burning brightly for about 150 years. 


April 21st, 2009

There was a line in the movie, “Caddy Shack”, that sticks in my mind now: “Don’t you people have homes?” Regardless of when I go online to FAA there are the same couple of people on FAA, seemingly lurking about waiting to pounce. One wonders whe... 

Primary Colors

April 15th, 2009

Playing with a box of crayons was fun as a child. I have the same feeling when playing with art now. This vase of flowers was an exercise in the use of primary colors. 

A Sunday Drive

April 9th, 2009

Sunday was one of those days that broke dawn with a shout of sunshine. Nothing could have kept me inside for another moment. Taking coffee on the front porch clad in an old robe and slippers, life seemed full of promise. Birds twittered at the fee... 


Designer Plates

March 31st, 2009

I am designing plates now. Here are a few samples. 

Garden Jewelry

March 26th, 2009

We can all wish for a bit of jewelry in our gardens. 

In reply to Jennifer Ott

February 16th, 2009

February 16th, 2009 I just tried to comment on Jennifer's blog concerning credit cards. Proved impossible. So I will put my own blog out there for consideration. Credit cards stink! All of them. They become a death trap for people living on the... 


January 18th, 2009

Valentine Cards used to be a source for artists to make a little bit of cash each year. Maybe that will come back into fashion. 

New Work

January 16th, 2009

Marblehead Lighthouse at Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio 

A Life Worth Living

December 19th, 2008

My father’s brother died on Sunday, December 14th, 2008. Uncle Ted was born October 31, 1903, making him 105 at the time of his death. Teddy Russell Paddock was born in Kansas, the 5th son of Nathan Alvin Paddock, Senior and Mary Evelyn Salkeld P... 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.  

Reworked Work

December 8th, 2008

I had Turtle Rock Lighthouse up several months ago but I was not happy with the landscaping in the first posting. So, I reworked it and here it is again. 

New Work

December 6th, 2008

I painted this latest lighthouse for my husband. His father's people came from Norway. They were fishermen, loggers and miners. This lighthouse at Lindesnes Norway was built in 1915 but there has been some sort of active navigation aid on this... 

Merry Christmas

November 25th, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Blue on Blue

November 18th, 2008

A bit of fantasy. 

Wart Hogs and bed springs

November 16th, 2008

If you look far enough, you can see tomorrow. Remember the dreams you had as a child? You were going to change the world. Nothing was out of the question or realm of possibilities: No hurdle too high, no chasm too deep. That was the challen... 

Phoenix Rising

November 2nd, 2008

I needed to clear the palette of my mind... 


October 15th, 2008

I have watched all the political debates and was impressed, each time, with the intelligent, cogent and reasonable position Barak Obama has shown. He has been consistently polite and even deferential to John McCain, always acknowledging the contribu... 


October 6th, 2008

Every culture, every language has words for HOPE. I chose to use Chinese calligraphy with dahlias and butteflies to convey HOPE. Regardless of the mess swirling in the political and financial worlds, HOPE is what sustains humans. Artists h... 

Yeoman Warder

September 28th, 2008

Yeoman Warders for HMH must have served at least 22 years in the British Armed Services, been awarded Long Service and Good Conduct Medals and be retired from the active military. King Henry VIII started the Warders as his personal bodyguard... 

My works are now available on POD

September 23rd, 2008

My works are now available through POD on FAA as well as through the gallery. Only those pieces ordered directly from the gallery will be numbered, countersigned and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Prints through POD are always open pri... 

Mystery Guests

September 22nd, 2008

When I looked at my Visitor's Log this morning, several of my art pieces had "Deleted Deleted" as a visitor. That is very curious, indeed. How does that happen? Are they embarrassed about looking at my gallery so they wipe their tracks off? How d... 

New Work on Sunday

September 21st, 2008

I finished this work from Ireland today. This is Stormie O'Bannion's Bayside Tavern and Inn where well-behaved children and good dogs are welcome. Corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and Irish stew always. Fine ales and stout. "May the Good L... 

New Work

September 18th, 2008

This new work did not appear on the September 17th New Art Post even though that is the day I added it to my online gallery. I am wondering if anyone else is having that problem, too. I have over 60 hours of very intense work invested in this... 

We live in our own bodies and heads all of the time so this is our “norm”. We do not know any better, or perhaps, any different. It just “Is”. Because all humans are self-centered, it is nearly impossible to tolerate anyone who doe... 

Old Kick Butt

September 6th, 2008

I drew this ridiculous rig one day after one of my sons came home, ticket in hand. Old Kick Butt is a bit of a rant against the surveillance society in which we now all live: Orwell just got the year wrong. 


September 5th, 2008

Sarah Palin is a 44-year-old, mother of 5, born in Idaho, and now the governor of Alaska. She is also the only woman to ever be endorsed by the Republican Party for vice president. Regardless of who wins the election this fall, it will be histo... 

Going to the Movies

August 29th, 2008

With little else to get accomplished this morning, I watched the 2006 movie, “Stranger than Fiction” on Encore and found myself totally enchanted. Harold Click and Ana Pascal could not be more different, had they tried. Harold, buttoned up, s... 

Ah, the Joys of Middle Age

August 23rd, 2008

Kevin started this on the Discussion Page but I am going to continue it here on Blog. Ah, the joys of middle age…let’s see. I have reached the metallic age; to quote the one and only Erma Bombeck, “There is the gold in my teeth, the silver in ... 


August 8th, 2008

Have you turned off the Visitor Log on the art? Mine has not changed for a time now and I know people have looked. One of my sisters apparently toured the entire portfolio but she does not show up and that was yesterday. Thanks, Anne Songs of ... 

My father’s only sister, Aunt Nana, married well. She was a beautiful girl with flaxen hair, blue eyes and a figure out of Hollywood. Intelligent, witty, and charming, she soon became the darling of her group of friends, acquaintances, schoo... 

Staycations and Other Consumer Myths That word seems to be the buzz this summer…staycation. Harrumph. What it actually means is the oil tycoons have screwed the entire world…not just us broke ass Yanks. In an attempt to make thing... 

Me First Syndrome

July 27th, 2008

Whether you are driving along in your car, standing in line at the supermarket, or waiting for someone to exit a door ahead of you, it is EASY to allow impatience to overshadow good sense. I call this, “The Me First Syndrome.” And, whether we a... 

Drawing the First Order Fresnel Lens was a labor of love. Even though this rendering is somewhat simplistic, I wanted to show the intricacies of the “ordinary lighthouse”. I have limited this study to the lamp room and the undercarriage... 

Dollar Night at the Show

July 11th, 2008

Dollar Night at Paul’s Drive-In Theater Growing up poor in Wyoming during the 1950s was not without its pleasures. We had ice skating in the winter, horseback riding year around, picnics in the nicer months, and of course, dollar night at the d... 

Happy Birthday America

July 1st, 2008

Happy Birthday America. Even in times of problems, our wonderful nation is home. This painting is a tribute to America, the Beautiful.  

Riding Shotgun

June 29th, 2008

Riding Shotgun No place, other than behind the wheel, holds more prestige to a kid than the coveted, “Shotgun.” The posse that rides in the back seat just gets to go along for the ride. Now shotgun denotes a special place. That spot is rese... 

The Christmas Tree

June 27th, 2008

The Christmas Tree Every year, about December 1st, we children would start getting anxious about Christmas. When would we get our tree? Every year, my father put the project off until about December 15th and then it was with reluctance that ... 

Killing the Cow

June 16th, 2008

My father killed a milk cow with the milking stool for stomping his feet and kicking over the milk pail. Dad did not do this intentionally, he was just angry and clouted the cow right between the running lights, killing old Blondy with one swat. Th...