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Sotiris Filippou - Artist

About Sotiris Filippou

Learn more about Sotiris Filippou from Thessaloniki, thessaloniki - Greece.

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-- Photography is a way to express the secrets people don't see --

My name is Sotiris Filippou
I'm a photographer based in Greece,from the beautiful City of Thessaloniki.

Come Join me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SotirisFilippouPhotographer

or Drop me a message :
Email : phoenixsgr@gmail.com
Skype : sotos_filipp

my Gear is :
Nikon d800
Nikon NIKKOR 70-200 2.8 II
NIKON 24-70 2.8

Sotiris Filippou was born in Thessaloniki on January 15th, 1981. Even as a child he had a talent in drawing. When it was time to decide about his future studies he tried to find something that would combine his love for drawing and his passion for computers. Thus, he found 3D art and motion on computer. The idea was to draw something and then bring it to life by turning it into a 3D drawing or video. This nurtured his imagination. He was ready to follow his dreams abroad, when for serious personal reasons he had to remain in Greece, where unfortunately, finding a job in his field was extremely difficult.

His next move, some years down the road, was to acquire another degree, this time a Masters in Human Recourses Management. After graduation, there one thing was clear to him. Although he still could not get a job, mainly due to the recession, his newly acquired knowledge had given him an important advantage; the skill of observation. So, on a beautiful morning he sat down and considered the type of job he would like to have which would include all the things that fill him with energy so that he would have passion for his occupation. Tough decision until one day he received an email from a friend. It contained a collection of photographs. He was in awe and his imagination was excited by the colours and the pictures in front of him. Everything was so vivid and alive! Someone had managed to capture such a wonderful picture and preserve it for all eternity with a mere click! He was lost in this magical world staring at the photographs and suddenly he knew. Photography! He could have an enchanting setting of his own choice, an already-made canvas filled with colours, which he would be able to process any way he wanted, creating his own art from all the experiences accumulated in life and from books all these years.

And so it was. It has been a year now ever since he began his journey as a photographer in March 2013. He is a self-taught photographer. He has read a lot of books and did a lot of research on the internet on photography. With such vast amount of information available nowadays it is difficult to stop learning. He purchased the necessary equipment and he was off on his adventure in the world of photography.

Colour! Places! Smile! Joy! Sorrow! Thanks! Words and emotions depicted in a photograph with a click. He has never experienced so many emotions in a job which really feels like a hobby. This is why he has decided to make photography a part of him and is determined to make his mark through his art by revealing the emotions hidden in our world in a photograph.

Sotiris Filippou joined Fine Art America on June 4th, 2013.