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Stephen Panoushek - Artist

About Stephen Panoushek

Learn more about Stephen Panoushek from South Woodstock, VT - United States.

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'All art is Erotic.'

I am a figurative artist. Since early childhood I've been fascinated with the human form and its myriad poses and attitudes. The power of a gaze, the cocking of a head, the set of shoulders, these everyday sights fascinates me with their power to convey visually the inner thoughts of any person. As far back as I can remember I've drawn, sculpted, or painted people in many aspects, always enraptured by the manner in which every person silently communicates.

As I grew older I started leaning toward erotic art. The paintings of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Mucha became major influences on my work. I was still interested by the silent mannerism of humans but now it was tinged with a prevalent eroticism. The subtle patterns of the female form became my new fascination, the primal reaction of viewing a woman's body. The manner of silent communication remains but the message has changed, involving the viewer of my works more.

It was once said of Gustav Klimt that he made voyeurs of us all, that through his art we joined him in viewing the most intimate moments of his models. I don't view myself as a voyeur, peeking in on something private, rather a spectator watching an exhibit meant for me, I hope that I can involve the viewers of my paintings, drawing them into the audience with me, enjoying the spectacle of my models.

Stephen Panoushek joined Fine Art America on January 29th, 2007.