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Sue McGlothlin - Artist

About Sue McGlothlin

Learn more about Sue McGlothlin from Louisburg, NC - United States.

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Instagram; Sue McGlothlin Photography

Clients and customers: 'Pictures for the soul' 'There is a spirit, a passion, an eye and a part of the person (part of the person's amazing energy) - the artist - captured in aside, within the subject matter of each of her 'not at all generic' photos.' and 'Leave it to you to turn a 125 year old Victorian home with peeling paint into something that looks like it came from the pages of Dickens's Christmas Carol!'

Growing up in Ketchikan, Alaska, I was inspired by the extraordinary sights of the Pacific Northwest from an early age. Essentially self-taught, I became interested in photography while living in Washington and developing my first photograph in a high school dark room. Years of working full time and raising children didn't provide free time to pursue my creative passions. In 2010, my architect husband and grand daughter and I moved from California and bought a historic house and farm in Bunn, North Carolina. I became inspired by the beauty and history that surrounds me in our new home. I literally wore out my old camera, taking pictures of the wildlife and historic buildings near our home. I love exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and creating one of-a-kind images. See Press Releases for more information and links to sites.

- Peoples' Choice Winner for Slow Exposures 2012 'Behind The Curtains'.

- SlowExposures 2014, My image, 'Red Perm' one of seventy images out of 1,100, was juried into the show.

- CNN's Photo Blog http://cnnphotos.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/29/slow-exposures-celebrating-the-rural-south/
- The cover of Kitchen Drawer Illustrated Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 6.
- SlowExposures 2012, Ten Year Anniversary, Celebrating Photography of the Rural South, page 13.

This artist�s work does not belong to the public domain. All images within this gallery are protected under copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of this artist�s work may be downloaded, reproduced, published, copied, manipulated, linked or transferred electronically or used in any way without the artist�s written permission.

Sue McGlothlin joined Fine Art America on September 9th, 2012.