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Dr.   Tan Nguyen was born and raised in Vietnam and Cambodia.   He graduated as a Pharmacist in France (1976).   In 1979, he emigrated to the US where he earned a Doctor degree in Podiatric Medicine (1984).   Dr.   Nguyen had a medical practice in San Leandro, CA from 1986 and retired in 2014.   He is also serving the local Vietnamese community as an ordained minister.   He will contribute 20% of the proceeds from his artwork sales to help get medical and school supplies to the less fortunate Vietnamese kids in Vietnam and...more
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Results: 6

Results: 6

 Painting - Le Pont Japonais by Tan Nguyen

Le Pont Japonais Print

Tan Nguyen





 Painting - Temple at Dust by Tan Nguyen

Temple at Dust Print

Tan Nguyen


 Painting - Maple Bonsai by Tan Nguyen

Maple Bonsai Print

Tan Nguyen


 Painting - Hayward Japanese Garden by Tan Nguyen

Hayward Japanese Garden Print

Tan Nguyen


 Painting - Happy Lilies by Tan Nguyen

Happy Lilies Print

Tan Nguyen


 Painting - Autumn Drive by Tan Nguyen

Autumn Drive Print

Tan Nguyen




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